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Lincoln Meadows

Construction Updates

Full view of Lincoln Meadows campus building

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Construction Update - 8/4/2017

More good progress! The building exterior looks nearly complete with all exterior finishes in place and landscaping starting to fill in. All curb, gutter and paving has been completed and the parking lot is full of the cars and vehicles belonging to our very busy Haselden Construction crew and other contractors. Interior spaces are in finishing stages as well, with paint and carpet and cabinetry complete in most rooms. The third floor is even well under way though not scheduled to be completed until after we open the campus for school on September 5. It's still a construction site with hundreds of busy workers completing small and large tasks! But it's getting there quickly and we can't wait for everyone to get a good look at the Open House on August 31, 5:00 - 7:00 pm! Check out the photos below!
Hallway with yellow and blue walls
Kindergarten classroom with cabinets and yellow.
Stairwell with a red wall and windows showing blue sky
KindiePrep outside playground with play equipment
Interior of gym with worker on cherry picker truck and basketball hoop extended
KindiePrep front office with construction worker standing at the desk
KindiePrep classroom with yellow and teal walls.

Construction Update - 7/11/2017

Over the last few weeks, our crew has been taking advantage of the great summer weather. They've been working hard on curb and gutter (important for keeping cars on the pavement and water OFF the pavement) and sidewalks while getting ever closer to being done with exterior trim. On the inside of the building, carpet, doors, lights, and paint and even a little casework are going in some areas!
Image showing concrete curb on dirt
Exterior view of building with completed sidewalks going around the side and front of the building
Exterior view of the cafeteria showing insulation on sides, and completed concrete curb and blacktop in front
Gym walls and ceiling painted white with hanging lights installed and on and a construction worker looking on
Pile of new wood classroom doors laying on the ground and wrapped in plastic
Hallway with yellow and green walls and a cart of construction materials
Classroom with new carpet and a path of plastic sheeting to protect the carpet
A row of wall-mounted locker cabinets with hooks on a yellow classroom wall

Calendar Update - 6/28/2017

We have one more change to our 2017-2018 Lincoln Meadows school year calendar to announce. Don't worry -- this is NOT another construction delay! :) The school year will still start on September 5 as previously planned. However, we did have to add six days to the end of the school year. So last night our board of directors approved a revised school year calendar for Lincoln Meadows to reflect this change.
KINDIEPREP: For our Lincoln Meadows KindiePrep families, the school year will now start on September 5 with the rest of the LM campus, and the last day will be May 25.
This most recent update is result of a state regulation technicality. Though our previously-approved calendar starting on September 5 was right on target with our school MINUTES, we were told last week that we were just under the required number of DAYS. Because our school days are always longer than other schools, we typically exceed academic time compliance in our school year planning, and had not been initially advised of this other angle when we had to adjust our calendar for the construction delay in early June. For the record, we did consider other options for adding those six days, like taking them from LM school breaks throughout the year to spread out the impact. But we know messing with scheduled school breaks can cause a lot of confusion and frustration for families. And at this late juncture, we also know that many of our families have already made plans for those breaks, especially those closer to the beginning of the school year. And ultimately, we want to keep the LM calendar on the same track as the other two campus calendars as much as possible. Instead, we chose the path that put this required and unavoidable addition as far out as possible for the least impact on our families’ lives and plans.
Thank you to all of you for your patience with this first-year process! :) Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about any of this.

Construction Update - 6-21-17

It's starting to look like American Academy, inside and out!
Exterior view of building with partially completed finishes
View of the front entrance with insulated walls and framed columns
View down the front length of the building
Interior view of hallway with yellow, red and green walls
Front office window into admin suite surrounded by patched yellow walls
Gym walls with partial drywall and steel framing with construction crew at work

Construction Update - 6-1-2-17

Is that yellow paint you see on the classroom walls? Yup! The construction process for a building this big moves along in stages, so some areas are still getting insulation and drywall, and some are already getting paint.
Classroom with yellow paint on walls and some visible steel framwork with a table in the middle of the room
Construction crew members working in two rooms dividing by steel framing and drywall
View of classroom ceiling with drywall and mud and tape
Kindergarten classroom with yellow walls, concrete floors and grey temporary door to the outside
Exterior view of building with yellow siding, red brick and green top trim
Exterior view showing parts of building exterior with steel framing and insulation, and other parts with completed siding and brick

Construction Update - 5-31-17

Due to a last-minute change made by the state, we will be moving the first day of school for the Lincoln Meadows campus to September 5 (the day after Labor Day). Changes like this aren't all that unusual for big construction projects, though good contractors like ours (Haselden Construction) do everything possible to anticipate and avoid such possibilities. Unfortunately, small changes can have a domino effect in construction, and in our case, the required changes will push us unavoidably outside our original estimated date of completion.

The good news is that, other than the new opening date, the Lincoln Meadows school year will not be dramatically affected (download the NEW Lincoln Meadows 2017-2018 school year calendar). We are waiting for final DCSD approval of our bell schedule later this week, but don't anticipate any major changes there. The only other date change to note is that the first NO SCHOOL for K-1 ONLY for testing day has been moved to September 12. Otherwise, Lincoln Meadows will share the same school year calendar with the other two campuses, including the same Fall Break, Winter Break and Spring Break dates.

We know this change may represent an inconvenience for some of our new American Academy - Lincoln Meadows parents, and we sincerely apologize. But we have every confidence in our amazing construction crew. They are still making unbelievable progress every day and we promise to keep you updated as we get closer to our new open date on September 5!

Construction Update - 5-23-17

Exterior framing is complete and now the fun begins! Windows and doors are all in, drywall is going up, electrical and mechanical systems are starting to fill in, and rooms, hallways and stairways are taking shape all over the building. We even have exterior siding and brick going up!
View of exterior red brick and yellow siding
Interior view of hallway with steel framing and drywall
View of steel framework and dry wall on gym walls and ceiling
Exterior view of temporary door set in yellow siding next to windows

Construction Update - 3/7/2017

We're going vertical! That means that the first structural steel for walls is going in and going up. They're still pouring foundation concrete in some sections (and will be for a while) but now we're making all kinds of progress in the vertical direction. Exciting!
Steel framework on concrete slab
Steel framework of building against a blue sky surrounded by a fence of red flags
Steel framework of building against a blue sky

Construction Update - 2/27/2017

In spite of the wintry weather lately, things are coming right along! In the photos below the crew is getting ready for, and then pouring and troweling, "slab on grade." That's fancy construction-speak for putting down and smoothing off the concrete foundation of the building. The last section is scheduled to be poured this week and then...walls!
Large concrete slabs in wooden forms on the ground
Orange construction vehicle digging trenches in the dirt
Wide concrete slab with construction workers

Construction Update - 2/1/2017

Construction is in full swing at the American Academy - Lincoln Meadows campus right now with crews working through cold and some epic wind to stay on schedule for our August opening. Spread footings are being poured and conduit for electrical, phone, etc. laid. And of course, there is the digging and more digging.
A construction vehicle parked on the dirt
Concrete walls wrapped in wooden forms and propped by wooden supports
Large concrete pipes lay on the ground

Construction Update - 1/11/2017

Construction working stands next to framed wooden forms for concrete set on the ground
Framed concrete walls propped up by supports

Groundbreaking! - 12/2/2017

It's official -- we've broken ground on American Academy campus number 3! American Academy- Lincoln Meadows will open its doors in the fall of 2017. The lottery for 2017-2018 enrollment will run on December 5.
Know someone who wants to attend? This is the year to apply! Tell them to join our waitlist here:
The Board of Directors stands smiling in front of a yellow construction vehicle holding shovels