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Lincoln Meadows


The American Academy Parent Teacher Organization at Lincoln Meadows (AAPTO-LM), a chapter of The Foundation for Douglas County Schools, exists to support the students, faculty, and parents of American Academy – Lincoln Meadows (AA-LM) in achieving academic excellence while encouraging pride in our student, faculty and parent community. This goal is accomplished by raising funds for American Academy – Lincoln Meadows through our fundraising events and on-going collection programs, by giving back to our teachers and staff who work incredibly hard to educate and care for our children, by developing a sense of community in our school with social gatherings, and lastly by giving to those in need through our various outreach programs.
These tasks are overseen by the executive board members of the AAPTO-LM and are distributed across 4 divisions:

Fundraising Events

Fundraising Events are responsible for planning, organizing, and executing the Fun Run and the Spring Gala.  These events are held to raise funds for specific needs at AALM that are not able to be funded by the district budget.

Fundraising Programs

Fundraising Programs oversees the on-going programs which help bring in funds for the STEM and Performing Arts Programs at AALM as well as additional funding for service programs such as teacher’s classroom budgets for the school year, software updates, athletics and many more.  Fundraising programs include the King Soopers reloadable cards, Dennis Scrips, Box Tops and Longmont Dairy Caps Collections, Tyson A+ Program, Skate City and various Restaurant Nights.


Service has a mission to give – to those in need as well as giving back to those who work hard for our children.  It is responsible for the Clothing, Food, Toy, and School Supply Drives that go directly to benefit outreach programs that the LM-PTO support.  Within our AALM community, Service manages the Giving Tree, Teacher/Staff Holiday Fund, monthly Teacher Appreciation programs and Teacher Appreciation Week.  Other Service Programs such as the School Directory and Uniform Resale are designed to serve AALM parents.


Social focuses on planning and organizing events that foster a sense of community at American Academy-Lincoln Meadows.  Possible events include the Ice Cream Social at Open House, the Mother/Son Event, and the Father/Daughter Event.
To maintain financial integrity, the AAPTO-LM Executive Board includes a treasurer, responsible for tracking and recording all financial transactions related to these programs and services. Oversight of financial transactions and accounts is conducted by the The Foundation for Douglas County Schools.
The American Academy Parent Teacher Organization at Lincoln Meadows is here to support the students, faculty, and families at American Academy-Lincoln Meadows as they strive for academic excellence and pride in achievement. For any questions regarding the AAPTO-LM or to get involved, please email the AAPTO-LM!