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Lincoln Meadows

About Mr. Riggs


Communication Design, Texas State University

Masters Education, Jones International University

Home town



Fishing, Camping, Carpentry, My Garage  


One Boy, One Girl, One Wife, One Dog Named Ozzy 

Favorite Things


Classroom wishes: Acrylic Paints, Prisma color pencils and pens, graph pens,

Allergies: Shrimp

Coffee/tea: Large Pikes Place from Bucks with three sugar packets and three creamers.

Snack: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Night out restaurant: Mod Pizza

Lunch restaurant: Starbucks

Place to shop: Target / Walmart / Cabellas

Clothing store/style: Cabellas

Movies (out or in): Theater AMC

Bookstore: Goodwill

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Flower: Carnations

Color: Navy Blue

Sports team(s): Broncos / Rockies / Eagles / Phillies

Silly fact about me: I have lazy eye