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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms Koch

Education:  B.S. Chemistry, ACS , Colorado State University, B.S. Physical Science, Colorado State University, Minors in Mathematics and English Literature, Colorado State University
Special awards:  Senior Research Award in Chemistry, Graduated with Honors, youth leadership recognition in church and tutoring.
Home town:  Colorado Springs, CO AKA The Springs
Hobbies:  I absolutely love spending time with my family: swimming, biking, hiking, racing Mario Karts, gardening etc.. I also enjoy reading in my hammock, art, writing, and helping people feel connected in community. And I would definitely be remise if I didn't acknowledge enjoying a good movie or series with my peeps.  
Family:  I have a fantastically patient and loving husband in Jared who has always supported me in our rather crazy journey together. We've been together for over 18 years and have been blessed with two kiddos - Gavin is our 14 year old miracle and Grace, our 11 year old precious gift. We are a tight group and love being together, though we sometimes wish we could beat Gavin at Mario Kart racing. We also have a whippet named Rusty who keeps us on our toes. I can't imagine life without this crazy crew!
Volunteering:  4-5th Grade Youth Leader at church, MS Youth leader at church, Member of Pillars Team Church, Home Education Teacher 9 yrs - Various classes, Deacon, Coordinate and Facilitate various fellowship groups
Coffee/tea: Fika - any flavored latte/Earl Grey and chai tea
Snack: Cashews, Scones
Night out restaurant: Anywhere...I don't have to cook and I love trying new food.
Lunch restaurant: I do enjoy Rory's Dinner - fun atmosphere
Place to shop: Hmmm...I really don't shop, but Target and Amazon I suppose
Clothing store/style: Maurice's
Movies (out or in): Theatre
Bookstore: Used bookstore or Barnes and Noble
Holiday: Christmas
Flower: Iris or Lily
Color: Yellow
Sports team(s): ...Broncos...but I cringe to even say it
Silly fact about me: I still play Nintendo with my kids; I love to play "HORSE" and 4-square; I was the reining champion at hula hooping and track races in elementary school! Oh, and I read the Harry Potter series over in the fall about every other year because I love the plot twists and the enduring bond of friendship and love portrayed. Nerdy, I know.