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Lincoln Meadows

Ms. Forystek

Welcome to Ms. Forystek's Kindergarten Class!


Hello Wonderful Kindergarten Families! Thank you so much for such a wonderful and crazy year! I hope your summers are full of laughter and outside fun! Here is the video link to our kindergarten graduation.  I am so grateful to have had an amazing class this year so full of love.  First Grade here we come!!!



WEEK 5/18

Ms. Forystek's Math Class


You will have access to ThinkCentral/HMH player through June 30th. I will not have anything assigned, however you can access Chapters 10 & 12 through MY LIBRARY as optional summer work. HAVE AN AMAZING SUMMER!



WEEK 5/18

Ms. Forystek's Literacy Class:


You will have access to iReady through June 30th.  You are more than welcome to continue logging in.  Write in your journals over the summer and make sure to read what you write when you are all done.  See if you can fill up the journal by the end of summer! Make sure to read fun books too! Talk about what you see in the pictures and predict what might happen next.  HAVE AN AMAZING SUMMER!


Class Code- hns7662

Class Code- PHBBLTK