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Lincoln Meadows

Ms. Liley

*These are general daily guidelines.  Please see my emails for attachments and more specific information.*
Tuesday: Go Math Lesson 5.3
*Essential Question: When do you regroup in subtraction?
1.If you are able to get on Think Central,  do the Interactive Student Edition for lesson 5.3
2. Complete lesson 5.3.  You can print from Think Central, or do on a blank paper
3. Watch Math on the Spot Video to help with problem solving, if you are able to get online.
Wednesday: Go Math Lesson 5.4
*Essential Question: How do you record 2-digit subtraction?
1. Interactive Student Edition for lesson 5.4
2. Lesson 5.4 Print pdf or do on a blank paper. Please complete the homework page for lesson 5.4 and take a picture to send to me for a completion grade
3. Watch Math on the Spot Video to help with problem solving
1. Review lesson 5.4 by going through the Animated Math Models (Curious George) Skill 30 on Think Central
2. Practice math facts on I Know It. 
1. Review 2-digit addition on  I assigned this activity to you.
2. If you were absent the day we took the chapter 4 test, please do that at home, take a picture and send to me.  I will scan the test and send to you in an email. 
3. Play a math game!  I will attach a game you can print in the email.
1. Please watch the phonogram practice videos, and practice your phonograms by writing them
2. Please complete the DLI page I scanned into the email
3. Read a story and do the quiz on Raz Kids.
4. Journal writing about something fun you did on spring break
1. Practice Phonograms we will also write our spelling words using spelling dictation.  There will be a link for a video in the daily email.
2. Complete the DLI page
3. Complete an iReady teacher assigned lesson
4. Squiggle Writing (See email for instructions)
5. Practice spelling words on Spelling City
1. Practice Phonograms
2. Practice spelling words by writing them in a fun way!  Write with chalk, rainbow write, write with a marker, write in the creative!
3. Complete the  DLI page
4. Write a story about the picture I attach to an email.  You will need more writing space, so write on the back or on another sheet of paper.  Please send me a picture to turn it in for a grade.
5. Please Complete the phonics page I attach in the email.
1. Practice spelling words on Spelling City
2. Complete an iReady lesson (teacher assigned)
3. Idiom book: Saying of the week, "Don't judge a book by it's cover."  I will attach the paper to write about the saying in the email.
4. Read anything with someone in your family!
Spelling List
(Two Weeks)
ea and ee words