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Lincoln Meadows

Grade 5 Newsletters

Dear American Academy Parents,


The first two weeks of school have been incredible!  It is the BEST thing in the world to have classrooms filled with young bright eyes and inquisitive minds. We are so excited for all the learning, laughter, and personal growth that will come with the year! 


Healthy Snack

With the start of the school year, we have noticed more students bringing in sugary snacks.  While we understand these are tasty, they end up leaving the students tired before they can get to lunch.  We are asking for your support in ensuring that your child has a snack that is nutritionally fueling.  We appreciate your support with this.


Outdoor Education Trip: Extended Registration

September 12th is the deadline to register your child for the Stone Canyon adventure!  If your child isn't planning on going, please let us know so that the office doesn't call to remind you about the deadline.  Another letter about the Stone Canyon trip will follow this one and it will include all the previous registration links and packing list, in addition to the activities the students will engage in while at Outdoor Ed.


IMPORTANT:  Students not attending the two & half days of the fieldtrip will need to remain home. All 5th grade teachers will be with students in Larkspur and we will not be providing work for these days. Those that stay home can sleep in, relax, catchup on any work they may be missing or choose to work on a craft. It is their time :0) If it isn't possible for them to stay home then please contact Ms. Hunt asap


Back to School Night

Save the date!  That's right, fifth grade Back to School Night is Thursday, September 16th from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Join us to take a walk in your child's shoes, sit in his/her seat, and rotate through their daily schedule.  We will entertain you with all the nitty-gritty details of routines, rules, homework, curriculum and more!


Fidgets and Toys

A fidget is a small, quiet object that helps a student focus on the task at hand. Fidgets should only require one hand and must not distract others.  Once the fidget becomes audible or attracts the attention of other students, it is no longer a fidget item.  It has become a toy and a distraction.  Like wise, if students are playing with their fidgets during break as if it is a toy, it is a toy and therefore loses it's constructive ability to help your child focus on his/her learning. When this happens, the item will be collected and returned to the parent whenever he/she is available to collect it or to the student at the end of the year.



Kickboard is a great way to see immediate feedback on how your student is doing each day at school.  Teachers put in positive points for doing what they should be doing and take away points for not following directions. If you haven’t created your Kickboard account, please do so.  It will allow you to know what is going on each day and in each class at school.  If you set up your account but can’t remember your password, please email Ms. Miller at and she can reset your account for you.


Infinite Campus

First trimester grades are currently being entered.  Please make sure you are checking Infinite Campus for upcoming assignments, current grades, and missing assignments.  Also, don't forget to review our grading policy in the AA Handbook to further understand the impact late assignments have on your student’s grade.  Thank you again for your support.


Current Curriculum 


Math classes are in full swing as we dive into Algebra: Patterns and Graphing.  The students are learning how to use line plots, coordinate grids, and patterns to help them graph and interpret data. Students are expected to practice their multiplication and division facts, to be prepared for their weekly fact quizzes. They can make flashcards at home or use the IXL and iKnowit links on the school website. This curriculum is not only thoughtfully laid out and builds on itself throughout the lessons, it also has plenty of resources to provide students with a balance between electronic and paper pencil practice and assessments.

Language Arts                                                                                                                       We have enjoyed getting to know the students and have finished the abundance of the pre-assessments. We are wrapping up our summer reading book reports and will present them to the class next week. Grammar and spelling are in full swing. The students are settling into routines and should continue to record their homework assignments into their planners. We are using Mr. Tucket to learn about narrative text elements and character traits. We will be using the characters of the novel to create an acrostic character poem as a culminating project. We look forward to a fun and engaging year.  

History                                                                                                                                  We started the year focusing on lakes of the world and basic geography terms.  We are finishing up with this unit with our lakes of the world project and will be taking a quick look at the Mayans.  We will learn all about their traditions and cultural beliefs.  We will then explore "What happened to the Mayans?" - one of the great mysteries of history.

Science                                                                                                                                                           Our students started the year off running with STEM! They are problem solving right off the starting line and will continue this journey until September 10th!  We will begin our first unit in the Science room on September 13th. Students will step from the Engineering world into the world of The Science. Here they will discover the similarities and the differences of these two disciplines. Can one exist without the other? 

A Word from our fabulous STEM Teacher: Ms. Stainbrook                                                                                    The Race to Colonize Mars is in full swing in STEM!  Your student is learning how to scratch code a robot to prepare a colony on Mars with the Lego EV3.  I am seeing exceptional partner communication and collaboration as students build robotic arm accessories to accomplish each task with their robot.  We are using the Iterative process to build codes that are effective at completing each mission and the Engineering Design Process to build the robots arm.  Be sure to ask your student about their favorite mission or rescue.  The STEM unit will wrap up with the final project and a coding quiz on September 13th /14th. 

Thank you for your support! You are truly appreciated!


The Fifth Grade Team