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Lincoln Meadows

Getting to Know Ms. Moore

Wow, I am now heading into my 3rd year of teaching and I cannot express how much I LOVE TEACHING your children here at American Academy.
I am truly looking forward to the content that I am teaching this year as we are finally bringing in pottery. I love making pottery in my free time because it is truly where I thrive as an artist. I can only imagine how these bright students will manipulate this media into a beautiful work of art!
I cannot wait to see where this year will take us in art and look forward to having these Rebels for another fantastic year.  
Favorite little things about me:
Color: BLUE: baby blue, turquoise, sky, royal, NAVY.... Blue is the real deal!
Food: I love all kinds, but veggies are great and candy is a no go
Drinks: Teas, Gatorade .... I LOVE JUICE
Season: Fall
Hobbies: Volunteering time to animal sanctuaries, cooking vegan recipes
Fav. Place to ShopWhole Foods and Target
If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to email me:
Thank you!