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Lincoln Meadows

Middle School Art (6-8)

Students listed below were nominated for this years Districts Art Show


8 - CP- Caden Van Putten - Logo Design

8 - CP- Buzz Lynn -  Logo Design

8 - CP- Kai Pankoski-  Graphic Design Photoshop Skull

8 - CP- Audrey Rea -  Drawing

8 - CP- Raquel Moldowan -  Photography Hot Air Balloon

8 - CP- Maurine Slintak - Drawing

8 - CP- Abby Benko -  Multi Media - Giraff / Multi Media - Girl

8 - CP- Brynne Casto - Drawing - Light House

8 - CP - Rachel Buhay - Drawing

7 - CP- Lauren Brockman -   Photography


7 - LM- Jenna Rogers - Digital Painting- Cartoon Girl

6 - LM- Avery Ruth - Digital Painting - Blue Girl


8 - MB- Maddie Merrick - Photography / Drawing

8 - MB- Jensyn Murray - Drawing

8 - MB- Aspen Jordan- Drawing

7- MB - Ashley Van Fleet - Drawing

7- MB - Madelyn Boyd - Photography

Grade 6/7/8: Title:   Studio Art
Welcome to STUDIO ART with Mister Riggs. In this elective students will have the option of focusing on different styles and materials in studio art. Lessons will be designed around each student and their desire to learn their passion in studio art with Mister Riggs. 
Some studio art options for students are listed below:
FINE ARTS Pencil techniques, color pencil, charcoal techniques, oil pastel, acrylic painting techniques, pen & ink techniques. 
Drawing projects might include: Pointillism, Nature Drawings, Animal Illustration, 1 & 2 Point Perspective & Discovery Learning.
GRAPHIC DESIGN while designing on the computer students will be specializing in understanding tools & techniques while using the platform Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, & Art Rage Digital Painting with the option of using and better understanding Wacom drawing Boards. 
Graphic projects might include: Digital Paintings, Poster Design, Business Card Design, Logo Design, Photo Editing of your Photography.
 All Curriculum supports visual arts and design. Activities enable students to create and respond to two- and three-dimensional art through use of various media including technology. Content conforms to state standards for grade 6/7/8.