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Lincoln Meadows

Lincoln Meadows Art (Ms. Moore): K - 5

1. Art is to be expressive and create, I will upload videos of what I have been doing, I would love to see photos or videos of you creating as well.  
2.Projects are no longer graded, so this is to show off your skills and creativity.
3. When emailing a photo of the student's artwork PLEASE write in the subject line: Your HOMEROOM Teacher. Student Name (first, last).
Please click on your student's grade level below for art project prompts, the may also try any of the other grade level prompts, the  Art Activities folder in the blueish box to the right, How To videos, and student artwork examples in the Photo Album folder in the blueish box to the right.

Kindergarten: We are going to create our own Silly Crayons! When you make up a crayon, you also have to come up with a name for it.

I wonder how I could use a shape like a triangle, rectangle, and a few lines to make a crayon? What do you think? 

Please see the posted video below of how I would create a Silly Crayon, I cannot wait to see what you create.


Crayola Experience |
1st Grade: Creating Texture: How can we make a drawing look like it is fuzzy, smooth, bumpy or dirty? By drawing texture! To make art work look like it has texture all you have to do is repeat a line or pattern of lines over and over again.  For this project I will show you how to draw a silly monster with different textures. Please see the video below: Texture Monsters
Here is a fun read aloud about Monsters:
  • Artist Prompt: Make a monster off to the side of your paper, give your monster different textures by repeating lines, shapes or patterns.
  • Supplies needed: Paper (any size), pencil, sharpie (or a dark marker), something to color in with


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Cartoon Cute Monster Drawings


2nd Grade: Found Object Robots. It is important that we keep using our Creative Processing skills to develop how we problem solve. I want you guys to go around your house or outside and find things that you can cut, glue, place on top or lean on to create a ROBOT! I do not want you to draw the robot, I want you to build it. Your robot needs, a head, body, arms, legs/ wheels! Have fun and good luck!

Here is a great read aloud:

  • Artist Prompt: Create a robot using objects that you have found! You can include pets, siblings, or yourself! 
  • Supplies that you can use: Objects around the house/outside , glue, scissors, tape, string, etc. 

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3rd Grade: Capturing a landscape.When creating a landscape there are 4 important layers: Foreground, Middle ground, Horizon Line, and  Background. When objects like people or items are in the Foreground they look HUGE and as they go back to the Middle ground or Background, they begin to shrink in size because they are moving further and further away. The Horizon Line is the line in which the sun sets behind, it is where the sky "meets" the ground. Take a look at the pictures below! I have attached a video below labeled: Landscape in a Jar 

  • Artist PromptCreate a landscape that is captured in a jar. Make sure to create a setting (a place) for your jar. You can have multiple jars with different landscapes in different jars. What else could live inside the jars? 
  • Supplies needed: Piece of paper any size or color, ruler (if you want your lines straight), pencil, sharpie, coloring supplies (whatever you may have)
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4th Grade:Graffiti Letters. When creating and writing graffiti letters, it is to be BOLD, BIG and COLORFUL. Graffiti catches our attention for those reasons. Building owners pay artists to create on the sides of there buildings, have you ever been to Downtown Denver? There is so much beautiful art! When creating your graffiti for this project, make sure the word is of importance to you. See some pictures below of graffiti.

  • Artist PromptCreate a piece of graffiti art that represents something important to you. Typically these letters are thick and have designs or patterns within them. Graffiti does not have to just be words, you can include objects as well. Go into google and type: Graffiti Letters. Find a style you like and start creating!
  • Supplies needed: Piece of paper any size or color, pencil, sharpie, coloring supplies (whatever you may have), Google.
Graffiti Art for Kids - MAUI FAMILYGraffiti Lesson | Art, Kids art projectsKid-Friendly Graffiti Classes : Graffiti ClassArt by Chad Bolsinger(Ms. Moore's friend made this one: Chad Bolsinger)

5th Grade: Transformation. As you 5th graders transform into 6th graders a lot will change, however through each phase you will see a different you! For this project I want you to focus on transforming one object into another. 

  • Artist PromptThink of 2 objects that are completely different. This could be your favorite foods, animals, clothes, nature, art supplies, etc. Start by drawing just one of the objects and continue to draw the same object with slight changes, I recommend at least 9 steps, so that it will (at the end) be transformed into your 2nd object. This project can be black and white if you so choose. 
  • Supplies needed: Paper, pencil, sharpie, coloring utensils