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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Forystek


B.A. Psychology, University of Colorado, Boulder
Professional Teaching License


Home Town

Massillon, OH


Camping, hiking, skiing, gardening


Kerouac (my puppy)

Favorite Things


Classroom wishes: Colored sharpies, read aloud books, indoor recess games, clear packaging tape, Lakeshore Learning gift card

Allergies: none

Coffee/tea: chia tea

Snack: pop-tarts(strawberry), Doritos (all), Cheetos (hot-lime), chewy sweet tarts

Night out restaurant: Hickory House, All Mexican restaurants

Lunch restaurant: Noodles, Panera

Place to shop: Target

Clothing store/style: Nordstrom Rack, Ross, TJ Maxx

Movies (out or in): theater

Bookstore: Amazon

Holiday: Thanksgiving/ Halloween

Flower: Sunflower

Color: green

Sports team(s): Avalanche, Rockies, Broncos

Silly fact about me: I love grapefruit smell but dislike the taste.