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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Wray


Bachelor of Arts Sociology, Trinity University San Antonio

Master of Arts in Teaching, Trinity University San Antonio

Home Town

Abilene, TX


Skiing, Mountain Biking, Backpacking, Running, Floating, Reading, Face timing with my nieces,  Podcast Listening, Soccer . . . Anything outside!


Big City Mountaineers, Palapa Society, Colorado Trail Foundation


A big Texas family! Cousins, nieces (Lyra and Ella), brother (Justin), sisters (Jessica and Alisha), parents (John and Jan).

Favorite Things


Classroom wishes: Growth Mindset (anything that emphasizes perseverance) picture books, donations of Legos (no new ones, just if you are cleaning out closets and looking to donate, "junk" items like paper towel rolls, egg cartons (things we could use for student inventions) and plants.

Allergies: None

Coffee/tea: Dark roast coffee

Snack: Trail Mix

Lunch restaurant: Chipotle

Place to shop: Amazon

Movies (out or in): Home

Flower: Peace Lily

Color: Green

Sports team(s): San Antonio Spurs

Silly fact about me: I know every word to every country song from the 90s