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Lincoln Meadows

Grade 1 News

August 5, 2019
Our team is so looking forward to teaching your wonderful children this coming school year! We will send home an email newsletter each week, and post that same news here so you can reference the information online any time. If you have questions for any of our teachers throughout the year, please don't hesitate to email us! You can find our email addresses in the Staff Directory or by visiting the Staff page in the menu on this page.
Here's to a fantastic year!

Monday August 19, 2019




Dear First Grade Families,


We enjoyed meeting everyone at open house and getting to know your child even more.  The first-grade team is excited to start this year and make it great for your family.  We will be sending out weekly newsletters every Friday.  Please make sure to look at them since they do contain important information from the previous week.  The newsletters will include upcoming events and inform you about what your child is learning in all subjects. All of us look forward to partnering with you to give your child the best year possible!



On Wednesday, August 28th we will be doing our Fall Dibels testing.  There will be NO school that day for first grade.  However, we will need you to bring your child to the school for testing.  The test should take no longer than 15 minutes for each student.  Below are the links for you to sign up for a specific testing time.  Please come five minutes before test time and wait in the front lobby until a teacher comes down. Please make sure you are signed up with your child’s literacy teacher and NOT their homeroom teacher.  Thank you!   


Mrs. True


Ms. Lehti


Mrs. Merrill


Mrs. Brossard


Mrs. Liley


Mrs. Paris


Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the year there will be several volunteer opportunities for all of our wonderful parents to get involved in what is happening at our school.  Over the course of this school year, we will be having four field trips where we will need chaperones to accompany us. Please keep an eye out for future field trips.  Class parties will also be coming up in the near future.  Finally, we have one last volunteer opportunity for parents and grandparents to participate in.  Every time your child goes to library with their class, they will get to do something called mystery reader.  This is an exciting chance for you to come and surprise your child and read a short story at the beginning of library.  Our wonderful librarian will have the class try to guess who the mystery reader is by giving them clues or hints.  The kids really enjoy it and it is a great chance for you to get involved.    Please look for a sign-up genius from your child’s literacy teacher in the next couple weeks on our school website.    


Red Folders

The red folders will be used for homework each night as well as for returning papers.  One side will be dedicated to items that need to come back to school and the other for items to stay at home with you.  Please be checking the folder with your child frequently.


Phonogram cards

As a part of our Spalding curriculum, each literacy class will practice and be tested on 20 phonograms a week.  In the next couple weeks we will send home a packet of phonogram flashcards in your child’s red folder.  We highly recommend that you cut them apart and use the flashcards to review them with your child.  There is also a Spalding app that is a useful tool when studying.



Please make sure your child comes to school with headphones by tomorrow if they have not already.  We are already doing some testing this week.  We will be using them for all of our testing this year.  Plain headphones work just fine and are preferred!  Thank you so much!




Upcoming Events                                                                                                    

August 28th

Dibels Testing

August 28th

Back to School Night

August 29th

Restaurant Night- Raising Canes

August 30th

Dress of Choice

For more event dates, please visit the Event Calendar on For questions or concerns about an event date, please contact Trish Cummings.



Have a great weekend!

As always thank you for your partnership with us!




Your First Grade Team


Mrs. Merrill, Mrs. Brossard, Ms. Lehti, Mrs. True