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Lincoln Meadows

Grade 2 News

Friday, September 13, 2019


Dear Second Grade Parents,

What a fun week in 2nd grade! We ended the week on a super note with our Fun Run assembly. Please check out your child's red folder for more information about this year’s awesome event and fundraising.


Infinite Campus and Grades
We have started entering our first few grades and assignments for each core subject. Please keep in mind that these grades will become a better representation of your child’s performance once we have a few more grades. If your child is absent, we will mark “missing” in Infinite Campus, so we know which assignments and assessments your child needs to make up. We will work hard on catching your child up as quickly as possible when they return, removing the “missing” flag, and entering their grades into the grade book.


Specials- September 16-20

Canino- Music

Duran- P.E. (be sure to send your child with tennis shoes)

Hillard- Art

Riker- Tech


Curriculum Updates


In math, the students learned how to count by sets of numbers such as 2’s, 5’s,10’s even up to 100’s. When doing this, we learned how patterns can be identified and used to help count up to higher numbers.


REMINDER: Homework will be coming home most every night, Monday-Thursday. Homework is to be done the night it is assigned and returned to school the next day. We appreciate the help from home in making sure homework gets completed and put back into student’s backpacks each night. 😊


Next week, we will be reviewing and taking the Chapter 1 math test. Then, we will be starting Chapter two. The students will learn more about three-digit numbers and ways they can be grouped and how to show their equivalency to one another.



This week in literacy we had our first spelling and phonogram tests. Also, the students completed their first at home fluency. New spelling words and phonograms have been assigned for next week along with a new fluency.

In writing, the students learned how to make a ‘perfect sentence’ by adding a who/what, an action and a where/when. Along with the parts of perfect sentence, the students also learned how to make their sentences interesting. This included adding adjectives and describing words that make their readers want to read on.


During our reading time, students were introduced to informative books. We learned what makes a story informative and the features they include such as: a table of contents, a glossary, an index and the purpose to inform/teach the reader about the topic of the book.


Next week, we will focus more on the 4 types of sentences and when and where to use them.



In science this week, we learned about what science is and how we are all scientists! Also, the students learned what tools a scientist uses and how the 5 senses are very important to a scientist when making observations of the world around us.


Next week, the students will be introduced to the scientific method. We will be conducting our first experiments through making observations and learning how to investigate questions we come up with using the scientific method.



Did you forget to order your child their yearbook after you went to registration in August? You are still in luck and they even have a deal for you! Please go to and enter the LM passcode: 1015299414941205. If you order by September 30th – you will receive 15% off! You can even customize 2 pages for your child! Yearbooks start at $21.75 with option to upgrade to a hardcover for an additional fee! If you’re not sure if you’ve ordered or not, you would have received a confirmation email from TreeRing! You can also email Mrs. Anderson if you don’t see your confirmation!


Parents Night Out!

Have you been wanting to have a night out, but don’t know what to do with your kids? Well you’re in luck! AA Lincoln Meadow’s first Parents’ Night Out of the year is coming soon on Friday, September 27th! Mrs. Anderson (kindergarten), Mrs. Donovan (fourth grade), and Ms. Newell (third grade) have a full night of fun planned! We will be having pizza for dinner, snacks throughout the evening, playing games, doing crafts, and watch a movie in the gym in our PJs! Be sure to sign your child up on the School Store, and enjoy your evening out knowing your child is safe at school with their friends and teachers and then come back to school to pick them up by 10:00 pm! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Donovan, or Ms. Newell!


Please reach out to your child’s homeroom teacher if you have any additional questions or concerns.


Mrs. Canino-

Ms. Duran-

Mrs. Hillard-

Ms. Riker-



Mrs. Canino, Ms. Duran, Mrs. Hillard, Ms. Riker