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Lincoln Meadows

Grade 2 News

Friday, May 10, 2019


Dear Second Grade Parents,


Can you believe there are only two more weeks until summer!? I can hear the sounds of splashes at the neighborhood pools, licking of popsicles, and the endless giggles of a sleepover long overdue. The students had a blast this week having a pizza party, getting to see a Jungle Book theater performance, and seeing the Top Hogs Presentation!


Thank you to all the parents who helped with our ABC countdown “P” Pizza Party Day on Thursday! The students really enjoyed themselves! J


Specials – May 13 – May 17

Canino- Art

Gerren- Music

Hillard- PE (don’t forget tennis shoes please)

Newell- Tech


LM Specials Updates:

Please visit the respective links below to see what your child is experiencing in specials programming!






Curriculum Updates


This week in literacy we have continued on our study of poetry. We have created Heart Maps, Acrostic poems, Shape poems, Diamante poems, and many more. It has been very fun seeing the students’ creativity with these unique poems! We have also started our Narrative writing stories. Students have enjoyed the topic of writing about what they plan to do over the summer.


Next week, we will continue on our poetry and narratives, and present one of them to you during conferences!



Our STEM unit has taken place of science for the rest of the year.



This week we started our unit on Civil Rights Leaders. After putting our students into groups and giving them a specific leader to research, we also look closer at a specific Civil Rights Leader every day, sharing more information to support our students’ research. At the end of the unit, the students will present to the class in groups about what they learned about their leader.


Next week, we will be in homerooms doing fun rotations that will take place of our history time.


May Character trait- Perseverance



I hope you are all having a great week. Conferences are coming up next week on May 15th and 16th. This round of conferences, we are doing student-led conferences in homerooms. Students have been practicing what they will say and show you along with time at the end for questions. This is especially exciting for the students because they get to boast about themselves to you and show you all they have learned this year in the subjects of: literacy, science and history. If you prefer to have your student-led conference at home with your student, please let me know and I can send your student home with all of the conference materials needed to do their conference. Please use the link below to sign up for ONE time slot that suits your earliest convenience. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out!


Mrs. Hillard's Homeroom Conferences 2018-2019


Ms. Churik's Homeroom Conferences 2018-2019


Mrs. Gerren's Homeroom Conferences 2018-2019


Ms. Newell's Homeroom Conferences 2018-2019



Field Day Hot Dog Lunch

As a reminder there will not be a hot lunch provided on Field Day, therefore your child needs to either bring a cold lunch, or buy a hot dog.  


Lunchroom Snacks

It has been noticed that some students have been spending their own lunch money to buy snacks for other students. We please ask that you remind your student to only buy lunches and snacks for themselves. This is for safety reasons and so that other students don’t feel left out. Thank you very much for your support with this!


ABC Countdown!                                                                          

The countdown is officially in progress! Many of these activities will occur at school and will not need much preparation. Please be looking ahead to the coming letter days so your student is prepared and ready for each day and doesn’t miss out on any of the fun.


Colored Pens, Dangles, Pokémon Cards, Tech Watches GALORE!

Recently, we have been noticing a lot more of little, fun, trinkets from home ending up at school. This is a friendly reminder that all of these really cool and fun things needs to stay at home and not make fun trips to school to show friends. These items are becoming a distraction during the school day and although they deserve all the “Ooos” and “Ahhs”, we are asking for that to be done at home and on the weekends. However, there are a few exceptions, of course! If a student has purchased a coupon for ‘Show and Tell’ or ‘Stuffie during class’ coupon from the school store with their rebel bucks, obviously this is absolutely fine and encouraged!

We very much appreciate the support from home and encourage these opportunities only when they are approved or warranted. Please help us teachers make sure only materials and items found on our school supply list are coming to school. We kindly thank you! :)



Your second grader’s STEM unit is WeDo 2.0 robotics. This is a very exciting, creative, and hands-on unit in which students build and explore LEGO robotics. They will utilize guided instructions, a motor, and different sensors to enhance the movements of their creations. Students will learn basic programming skills and utilize program blocks to move their creations. They will start with guided builds from the WeDo 2.0 software and progress into making their very own creation. I can't wait to see the kids light up when they run their programs and see it actually move! Parents will be invited to see student work towards the end of the unit.


May 16th – 2nd Grade STEM Invention Fair: Check the schedule so you come at the right time to see your student’s invention made with WeDo 2.0 Lego kits and coded with iPads!

Ms. Gerren’s Class: 9:10 -9:45

Ms. Hillard’s Class: 12:30 – 1:10

Ms. Newell’s Class: 1:30 – 2:10

Ms. Canino/Churik’s Class:   2:35 – 3:15


May 20th Ms. Wray is asking for volunteers to help sort Legos with students.



May 21st Ms. Wray is asking for volunteers to help sort Legos without students in the room.


Start Making Plans For Summer Camp – registration is now open!

We hope your kids can join us for one or more of the fun camps hosted by American Academy teachers and staff. There are many great options, and some camps even start the first week of summer break.

For more details and information about current summer camp offerings, visit the American Academy Summer Camp page (info is on the main website, under quicklinks >> parents >> summer camps).

Please note: ANY American Academy student can attend ANY of the summer camps listed, regardless of where the camp is being held. i.e. If your CP student wants to attend a camp being held at LM, simply log into your school store account but click on the other campus school store; all their camps will be listed under the Summer Camps tab. If you have questions, please email Catrina Phillips.


Please reach out to your child’s homeroom teacher if you have any additional questions or concerns.


Ms. Churik-

Mrs. Gerren-

Mrs. Hillard-

Ms. Newell-


Thank you for all of your support!


Ms. Churik, Mrs. Gerren, Mrs. Hillard, Ms. Newell