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Lincoln Meadows

Grade 3 News

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Dear American Academy Third Grade Parents,

It is almost time for conferences again! They will take place on Wednesday, January 24th and Thursday, January 25th. These are optional to you and your family, but we would like to invite everyone in! This time around, we are asking that families choose ONE TEACHER to sign up with, preferably the one area that you have the most questions or concerns. If you have questions in more than one area, we will do our best to answer those, and we will pass on any concerns to our team of teachers as well.

Please click the teacher’s name below and sign up with the one teacher you would like to meet.

Ms. Endo
Ms. Izzi
Mrs. Jones
Ms. Pozner
Mr. Russo

We will be going to NCAR, the Nation Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder next week. Please sign your child up on the school store. We are also looking for two chaperones from each homeroom to join their students. If you are able and want to join, please email your child’s homeroom teacher – chaperones will be picked on a first come, first serve basis.




We completed our unit on Ancient Rome and took our test on Tuesday. We are excited as we begin our new unit, The Vikings. We will enjoy studying the Traders and Raiders, the Sailors and Ships, Eric the Red, and Leif Ericson. Please feel free to follow along with our unit of study in the book What Your Third Grader Needs to Know.

Did you know? Kids who read for just 20 minutes a day are more successful in school and life. Ordering from Scholastic Book Clubs is an easy way to find the best books that are just right for your child’s grade and interests.
Here’s how: Choose books with your child from the paper flyers or online at: To order online, connect with our Class Code RPPYT
Bonus: This month, you can pick a FREE Book (up to $5) when you place an online order of $25 or more!
As soon as your order is delivered to our classroom, I will send it home with your child. Due date to order is January 29th.
Students are enjoying their STEM unit, SPHEROS! Please ask them what they are doing at home. Their creativity is outstanding.
Mrs. Jones Homeroom Thank You!

Thank you so much to all of the families in my homeroom for making my birthday so special. Mrs. Horan, our Room Parent, brought in yummy cupcakes, a birthday card signed by my whole class, a birthday crown, and a very generous gift card for Southwest. Thank you to all of you for spoiling me on this milestone birthday. A special thanks to Mrs. Horan for coordinating this. 


Figure and Ground. Students will learn how elements of art work together to make art stronger. They will identified the figure of an image and the background. They will be creating art that puts emphasis on the figure/object by surrounding it with thick and thin lines.

Students will learn about each of the four instrument families through experiments, games, songs, and creativity. They will also build an instrument book filled with facts and pictures of each of the instrument families. They will learn a new note to play on the recorder during the "Woodwind Family" lesson.

Students will learn the basic rules, techniques, and skills involved in the game of Floor Hockey. Students will also continue to improve their throwing and catching skills and be introduced to striking a ball with a bat. Students will continue to use player positioning, and offensive/defensive strategies in a team sport environment.

This rotation students will continue to work on proper keyboarding and practice daily to achieve our end of the year typing goal. They will review how to create a bar graph in Excel and have a fun formatting activity they will complete. They will have a supporting lesson in to help deepen their understanding of excel as well.

Take a night off and leave your kids at school for PNO! Students will play games, do crafts, eat snacks and dinner, and watch a movie! Kids may bring sleeping bags and pajamas for a comfy experience. The upcoming PNO is taking place on February 1st, so sign up now before all the slots are gone!



Kidpower of Colorado has been teaching children and the adults who care for them the skills and self-confidence that they need to stay safe and respond constructively to threatening circumstances. Kidpower provides experiential, developmentally appropriate, evidence-based programs that teach children skills that help them stay safe from abuse and harassment, including bullying.

WHO: Students in grades 1-5 and their parents/guardians
WHEN: February 13 & 20, 2019 (Participants must attend both sessions.)
TIME: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
WHERE: Lincoln Meadows Cafeteria
COST: $35 per child, adults free.

What skills do children learn?
• Be aware and confident
• Keep a safe distance from strangers
• Use voice and body to stay safe
• Get help from busy adults
• Set boundaries on unwanted touch or behavior
• Effectively address situations with bullies

How do we teach these skills?
• We use upbeat language that is skill-based, not fear based
• Kids have opportunities to “learn by doing” in a fun and empowering way
• We focus on positive, practical solutions children can use to leave or stop problems as quickly as possible

QUESTIONS: Erika Henkart - 303-717-3898.

Class size is limited to 25 students. Sign up is on a first come, first served basis. Sign up on the School Store TODAY!

Upcoming Events
Jan 17 Spirit Wear
Jan 23 Endo and Russo’s homerooms to NCAR
Jan 23 Parent Teacher Conferences
Jan 24 Jones and Pozner’s homerooms to NCAR
Jan 24 Parent Teacher Conferences
Jan 25 Dress of Choice

For more event dates, please visit the Event Calendar on For questions or concerns about an event date, please contact Trish Cummings.