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Grade 3 News

Friday, January 10th 2020

Good afternoon third grade parents! We hope you all had a nice holiday break with your children, and an even nicer week with them being back in school!
Please remember to have your child bring snacks in plastic containers, or in anything that is NOT glass. If a student accidently drops their container; for everyone’s safety, we do not want to have glass shattered.

Conferences Sign Up
In two weeks, we will be doing our second round of conferences. Please see below for your child’s MATH teacher’s sign up for January 22nd or 23rd conference sign up. With limited time and slots for each Math class, please only sign up once for your child’s Math teacher. At these conferences, we will briefly go over the other content areas, but if you have more questions relating to History, Literacy, or Science, please feel free to email your child’s respective teacher.

Curriculum Updates
This week in history, students reviewed the three Punic Wars. It was great to see that your students remember a lot over break! We also filled out our study guide for our first Rome quiz. If your student is in either Red or Green group, their quiz is on Monday 1/13. If your student is in either Purple or Yellow group, their quiz will be on Tuesday 1/14.
Although we review a lot in class, please encourage your student to review the study guide at home as well. Thank you so much for your continued support!

In literacy, we began diving deeper within our study of biographies. We first started with whole group biographies, then within a few days we plan to release students into independent study of their preferred biographical person. This unit will allow students to not only read about a memorable person’s life and contribution to society, but students will also be able to write a letter as if they were that person! We look forward to reading your child’s creative writing skills as they represent themselves as someone else!
This week in math all the classes are studying somewhere within the chapter 4 realm. Chapter 4 is the initial introduction to multiplication, providing many ways in which students can multiply, showing related patterns between multiplication, and also tying in past unit’s material as well.
Student’s should have brought home Chapter 4 vocabulary by now, however if you would like to reference it again, it is located on our 3rd Grade website on the American Academy Lincoln Meadows page.
The following objectives are our main focus for each lesson within this unit.
4.1- Draw a picture, count by 2’s, or use doubles to multiply with the factors 2 and 4.
4.2- Use skip counting, a number line, or a bar model to multiply with the factors 5 and 10.
4.3- Draw a picture, use 5’s and addition, doubles, or a multiplication table to multiply with the factors 3 and 6.
4.4- Use the Distributive Property to find products by breaking apart arrays.
4.5- Use the Commutative or Distributive Property or known facts to multiply with the factor 7.
4.6- Use the Associative Property of Multiplication to multiply with three factors.
4.7- Identify and explain patterns on the multiplication table.
4.8- Use doubles, a number line, or the Associative Property of Multiplication to multiply with the factor 8.
4.9- Use the Distributive Property with addition or subtraction or patterns to multiply with the factor 9.
4.10- Solve multiplication problems by using the strategy make a table.
January 7 – January 28: Sphero Robotics
In this unit, students will explore the world of Sphero Robotics. Spheros are robotic balls controlled by iOS and Android devices using Bluetooth SMART. There are a number of ways to utilize them and third graders are getting to sample this during their 3-week unit. Using Sphero EDU’s drag-and-drop interface, students will work to program basic shapes and then program their way through a maze utilizing a number of math skills and managing a number of constraints to learn to program with precision. They will quickly learn that perseverance is needed to complete this challenge! Later, student teams will use the Engineering Design Process to design, build, test, and refine a “chariot” that can be pulled/steered by their Sphero robots! The cross-curricular History connection to Ancient Roman civilization always adds a little more excitement to the mix. Be sure to ask your child about how Spheros work, how they differ from the WeDo robots they used previously, how they are resolving conflicts with their teammate, how maintaining a growth mindset helps them handle their frustrations positively, and about Ancient Roman chariot races! Note that during STEM Discovery Units, students will come to STEM class in place of their regular science class.

Scholastic Book Orders
thirdgradeteacherslm@aak8.orgthirdgradeteacherslm@aak8.orgHelp your child be part of our reading fun each month and get the skills to succeed in school and in life. When you order from the attached Scholastic Book Clubs flyer, you are also supporting our class with FREE Books!
Place Your Order By: January 24.

Use our Class Codes:

Mrs. Izzi: L4M2V
Ms. Newell: RLPDW
Mr. Russo: RQQYZ
Mrs. Starkel: RPPYT
Mrs. Wilson: VVHM3

Or click "Find Your Teacher" and choose your student’s teacher. Choose your books, pay with credit card or PayPal, and submit your order.
If you place an order of $25 or more, you are able to pick a free book worth up to $5 with the code READS at check out.

Upcoming Events

Wear Spirit Day Gear

1/22-23/2020 Elementary Conferences
1/24/2020 Spirit Day
1/30/2020 3rd Grade Only Dress of Choice: From Toy Drive
For more event dates, please visit the Event Calendar on For questions or concerns about an event date, please contact Michele Quintana.