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End of the Year Newsletter-LM 3rd grade

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Dear American Academy Third Grade Families,

WOW! What a fantastic school year we had this year! We are so thankful for each and every student and their families for making this school year in 3rd grade so successful. Thank you all for the many gifts, flowers, gift cards, and heartfelt notes that we received these last few weeks. We feel so appreciated and very spoiled! But most of all we want to say a BIG thank you for sharing your children with us and allowing us to teach each of them. We are so grateful for the support and kindness that you have shown our entire team of teachers the whole year. We want to wish every family a HAPPY summer vacation!

IMPORTANT: Summer Reading and History
To view student summer assignments for all incoming 2018-2019 grade levels, please visit our Summer Reading and History website.
(NOTE: only incoming middle school students have history assignments):

*(If Interested-Please see below for those awesome websites we shared with you at our May conferences.)

With Grateful Hearts,
Lincoln Meadows 3rd Grade Team
Melissa Jones, Alyssa Endo, Madi Pozner, & Justin Russo


*If interested- here are a few summer resources to continue the learning in the summer. The best thing each student can do is to READ, READ, and READ and memorize their math facts!

MAPs math skills help:

Khan website will give you practice problems in a student’s score area if you have his/her MAPs scores. Please refer to student’s scores on the MAPs report.
Khan Website:

For example under the math scores if student has:
Number Sense, Properties, and
Operations 175-185

…so on the Khan website choose the score of 180 in math under all four sub categories. This will then generate sample problems to practice math skills within the student’s RIT score. This will be great practice for student. Plus go ahead and practice problems using a higher RIT score, if the student is doing well with the problems in his RIT score.

Skills in Reading, Math, and Language Use organized by RIT #

**On this website: 1) Choose the MAPs subject: Language Usage, Mathematics, or Reading  
2) Choose your child’s RIT score range to see the skills to work on/practice.

WEBSITES to practice these skills:

Language Sample Questions by RIT Range:
Sample Questions by RIT Range:

EXTRA Math facts practice ideas:

There are many websites that have students practice their math facts in a game format. Please see below.

My favorite math worksheet generator:

Another worksheet site:

I also know that there are MANY apps out there on the iPad that are good practice for math.


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