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Grade 3 News

Friday, September 13, 2019

Dear American Academy Parents,
This week, your students did a great job working diligently through all our COGAT testing during our Math time. They showed Perseverance as they tried their best and not a bad attitude was seen. THANK YOU for all the support you showed at home, you all should be proud of how your student handled themselves through these tests!

Each Homeroom teacher will be sending home a Scholastic Book Order with your student. Please check the accompanying paper for your teacher’s Scholastic Book Order number. This helps all of us classroom teachers earn those fantastic Scholastic Points so we can have more books in our classrooms!
You can also use the links below to purchase books!
Ms. Starkel’s link:
Ms. Newell’s link:
Our Annual Fun Run Kickoff Assembly is This Friday at 8:30! Please check backpacks for information about this fundraising event coming home Friday.
As your students get more and more into the Go Math curriculum, they are doing better and better with the explaining of their thinking that Go Math has them practice and practice!
We just love to see them begin to realize that explaining their math reasoning is super challenging!
With that said, practicing your child’s math facts at home will go a long way to taking some mental pressure off so they can spend more time on the how and why of a math problem and less on crunching those numbers! There are plenty of math facts apps available, or good old fashioned flash cards are great to spend time with your student during some downtime and keep them off screens.
Students began exploring what they think science is about and how they can incorporate scientific practices throughout their day. Mrs. Izzi absolutely LOVES hearing about their observations about the world around them.
What is science?
Science is the process of learning about the natural world through observation and experimentation. Scientists use evidence, along with active thinking, to explain what is happening in the natural world. (Generation Genius)
The Weater and Climate Unit was introduced this week and each day students captured in their Science Journals something they observed happending around them with the weather. The Weather and Climate Unit test will be on Thursday, September 19th.
Table topics with your student;
What are types of weather we expericence in Colorado or other places you have traveled?
What tools do scientists use to observe weather?
What are the differences between weather and climate?

We are finishing up our Canada Unit. Students are showing an interest in what we are reading and doing in class. Please talk with your student about the new facts they learn each day. We will be reviewing for quizzes in class. You are able to follow along with your child in What Your Third Grader Should Know.
We have been continuing our study of Sarah, Plain, and Tall. This should wrap up next week. Cursive has been moving along nicely, ask your student to demonstrate some of the beautiful handwriting they have been learning in class!
Our next novel study will be Mystery Books. We are reading one in class together and will be sending home information about our first Book Report over the next couple weeks.

Upcoming Events
Sep 13 Spirit Wear and Fun Run Kickoff Day
Sep 17 Constitution Day