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Lincoln Meadows

Grade 3 News


Friday, March 15th, 2019

Dear American Academy Third Grade Parents,
We hope that you were able to enjoy our two snow days this week. It was a reminder to us all that Colorado has a dramatic-flair when it comes to weather. When we return from break, please be mindful of the weather and remind your student to dress appropriately (not just for the projected afternoon weather, but also for the morning).
Curriculum Updates
History: We have finished our Earliest Americans Unit this week. All of my students did a fantastic job on their projects! Wow-Please see the photos of the AMAZING dioramas below. We will begin our Explorers of North America when we get back from Spring Break on March 25th.
Literacy: Over the break, please encourage your student to read as much as possible. We know that this is not always the easiest task when traveling or having lazy days at home, however it is one of the most important skills to continually practice.
Science: The students finished their unit of study of ecosystems and animals. After Spring break we will move into our unit on genetics and heredity.

Specials Updates
Art: Holy Guacamole, we are creating the illusion of 3D art! This rotation this daring artists will take on the challenge of create a 3D object on a flat piece of paper. But how? By using curved lines that emphasize a shape of course. Using curved lines versus straight will make it look as if the object has depth. Too cool those curved lines.

*Artists will create a 3D form by curving lines within an object.
*Artists will create an ABC pattern within the shapes by repeating 3 different designs.
*Mini Artists Art Association: 3rd Grade
4-5:15 pm, Mondays 3/11, 3/25, 4/1, 4/8, 4/22, 4/29 (No after school art 4/15- make up day is already included 4/29)
The Art of 3D! In this 3rd grade art club, we will be creating 3D Art! We will work with cardboard to create mini forts, polymer clay to bring tiny finger puppets to life, have a blast with shaving cream to make puff paint, and make a wacky melted crayon project! If you are ready to get a little messy and problem solve, Mini Artists Art Association is for you!
Project Line up:
Mini Cardboard Forts, Foam Art, Finger Puppets, Melted Crayon art, 3D drawings
Music: We'll be reviewing some of the elements of music we've learned through participating in class. We'll be learning to read simple sheet music and fingering charts for the recorder. We will be working on earning recorder karate belts through learning and playing different songs. We will also be reviewing elements through listening to some songs from the 1950s while working on listening glyphs.
P.E.: Rhythm in Sport
• Sport: Basketball
Introduction to Throwing and Catching
• Sport: Team Handball

-We will improve rhythm and upper body skills while learning how to dribble, pass, and shoot a basketball.
-We will learn and apply the basic rules of basketball during a game.
-How much will YOUR dribbling improve? How many points will YOU score?!..Focus on technique, do your best, and never give up!
-We will improve throwing and catching skills while reviewing the importance of player positioning and offensive/defensive strategies in a team sport.
-What is your strongest player position?…Offense?...Defense? Play a position which feels most comfortable so you can help your team become more successful!
Technology: This rotation we will continue to work on proper keyboarding daily. We will be starting work on our final projects for Technology. We will work in groups to make a poster in Microsoft Word that shows a character trait and a manner that we learn about here at American Academy. My hope is to hang these so everyone can see what is great about our school. Everyone will get a copy to take home and share.
Upcoming Events
March 16-24 Spring Break – all before and after school programs
For more event dates, please visit the Event Calendar on For questions or concerns about an event date, please contact Trish Cummings.