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Lincoln Meadows

Grade 4 News

Friday, January 18th, 2019
Winter Conferences
Our winter conferences are already coming up next week! They will be held on the evenings of January 23rd 4:30-8:00 and 24th from 4:30-6:00. Because of our limited amount of conference slots, we can only offer one slot per student. Please select one teacher that you would most like to conference with and sign up for a time with them. If you have questions for an additional teacher, we are more than happy to address those if you send us an email or phone call. 
Conference signups will close at 3:30pm on Monday, the 21st, in order to allow adequate time to prepare. These conferences are not required, but we are more than happy to meet with each of you to discuss your student's progress and address any questions or concerns you may have. 

Ms. Donovan, Ms. Encinias, Ms. Papulias and Ms. Tuley
Ms. Olson

Mr. Reisinger

Ms. Carlson

Field Trip
We also have an amazing opportunity to go on another Field trip on February 1st, 2019. We are going to the Arvada Center of the Arts and watching the play Ella Enchanted. We will get the opportunity to meet the actors and ask questions before we enjoy a wonderful production. We will need 2 chaperones per homeroom so if you are interested please reach out to your homeroom teacher. We will be leaving at 10:00am and return around 2:00pm. Click on the link below to register your student.

1819 LM - Ms. Encinias' Class

1819 LM - Ms. Papulias' Class

1819 LM - Ms. Tuley's Class

1819 LM - Ms. Donovan's Class

Middle Ages Day!
Thank you all so much for volunteering and donating what is needed for Middle Ages day! This is one of the most anticipated day of the year and we are overwhelmed by your support! If you are coming to join us for Middle Ages Day feel free to dress up for the occasion with your student. We will be dress up in our Middle Ages costumes and you can join us too.
January 25th 7:45-4:00 (depending on your shift)
Festivities will be 8:05-3:00
Regular recess, lunch and specials schedule

Morning Activity Club
Do you want your child to have a blast in the morning before school and do a ninja warrior course, play soccer, do obstacle courses, then Morning Activity Club is for you. Join Ms. Birdno (technology teacher), Ms. Newell (2nd grade), Ms. Harrison (kindergarten), Ms. Encinias (4th grade), or Ms. Pozner (3rd grade) for this wake me up club. Similar to Homework Club and Crash Club, you can go to Morning Activity Club only when you need, or every day of the week! Sign up on the School Store today!
Nut Free Snacks
Just a reminder morning and afternoon snacks are to be NUT FREE. Nutella is hazelnut and won't be allowed during snack time. We appreciate your help with this.

Kickboard is updated students can purchase their rewards every dress of choice day and the purchases will be logged and applied. We will be encouraging students to spend their money each month so they can benefit from their hard work. If you have any questions please let us know.

As we are progressing through Saxon, lessons are continuously getting more challenging. Because of this, you may notice that your child's class may be slowing down the pace, or switching up the homework some days. Each teacher carefully monitors their student's progression to make sure students are getting the support or challenge that is needed.

    Our math books are SO heavy and we wanted to give your student the option to find their homework online rather than carrying the math book back and forth! Below you will find the directions for finding the textbook online:
1. Go to
2. Go to Campuses and click on Lincoln Meadows
3. Go to Resources.  Click on Office 365 One Drive.  Log in using your students’ AA email and lunch number.
4. Click on the square of little dots in a square in the upper left corner and click on SharePoint.
5. On the left hand side you should see a tab labeled student textbooks.
6. Saxon 4 Student Textbook or Saxon 5 Student Textbook (whichever pertains to your student).
7. Then scroll down and click on Student Bk Hake 4
In language arts, are in the middle of a grand adventure for treasure in Treasure Island. Take time this weekend to ask your student what is happening in this thrilling adventure! As we begin to finish up Treasure Island we will be watching a version that will make students compare and contrast their book to the movie.

Historical Fiction book report is due Feb. 13th.

We are into our second week of learning about Chinese Dynasties. As a class we discussed the first emperor of China and his accomplishments. These accomplishments included the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors. The students were excited to learn that they can go have dinner at P.F Chang's and see a replica of a Terracotta Warrior there.
We are into our second week of our new unit (Weathering, Erosion, Deposition). Students have been learning about what the causes are. We finished off this week with a lab using sugar cubes explaining the progression of mountains and the erosion over time. Question for students: Do mountains last forever?
Also, there is going to be a LUNAR ECLIPSE (Full Moon- often called a "Blood Moon") this weekend; Sunday, January 20th, 2019. For the Mountain Time Zone, the moon will start to enter Earth's shadow around 8:34pm, the moon will start to turn reddish-orange around 9:41pm, and the moon will start to leave Earth's shadow by 10:44pm. I have encouraged students to watch this lunar eclipse as we have talked about it in class this week. Hopefully they can share with you what they have learned.

Students will begin by discussing ways of identifying cathedrals that were created during the renaissance era (flying buttress, tall pointed domes, stained glass, etc.). They will then learn about stained glass and its purpose within cathedrals. They will see how stained glass designs are symmetrical and are segmented within a circular motion. They will applying this within their stained glass water color pencil projects.
Students will learn about each of the four instrument families through experiments, games, songs, and creativity. They will also be building an instrument book filled with facts and pictures of each of the instrument families.
Physical Education
Students will learn the basic rules, techniques, and skills involved in the game of Floor Hockey. Students will also continue to improve their throwing and catching skills and be introduced to striking a ball with a bat. Students will continue to use player positioning, and offensive/defensive strategies in a team sport environment.

This rotation students will continue to work on how to find more reliable websites while they use the internet to research for their new Birthday Party projects. Students will be working in small groups to form a list of birthday items they will want to get. They will then research prices for each item. They will then learn new skills in Excel and form a spreadsheet with a budget of $60. Students will learn how to use different formulas that help them stay on budget! They may not go even a penny over J We will continue to do typing practice daily and keep working towards our end of the year typing goal.

Thank you and we appreciate your support!
The Fourth Grade Team
Tonya Tuley, Melissa Papulias, Laura Donovan, Jessica Encinias