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Thursday February 15, 2018


Happy belated Valentine's Day! Thank you to the many parents who made our parties a success yesterday. We are grateful to have such a wonderful and supportive parent community. We wish you all a fun and safe long holiday weekend!


Be an Up-stander!
This afternoon, we had a chance to get all of fourth grade together and Ms. Miller discussed ways that we can all work together as a team to build our community. One way that we are working to do this is by teaching and encouraging students to be up-standers instead of just by-standers. We want to build a community of students who stand up for each other and don't just stand by if something unkind happens. Over the next few weeks, our school counselor, Ms. Shull, will be coming into our classrooms and teaching students skills on how to stand up to unkind behavior both for others and for themselves. We are so excited to see how we can unite together and continue to build an uplifting and kind community!


Pokémon Cards
Pokémon card are quite the hot commodity in fourth grade these days! Unfortunately, they are beginning to also become a bit of a problem both in class and in recess. Because of this, we are needing ban the cards from school for the remainder of the year. Students are welcome to still bring their Pokémon books to read if they would like!


Parents Night Out!
We had such an overwhelming excitement for Parents Night Out this last time around, that we want to make sure you don’t miss out on the next one (we did have to turn families away)! Our next, and last, Parents Night Out for the year will be on Friday, May 4! It is on the School Store already, so put it on your calendar, and get your child signed up before we run out of space! If you have any questions, feel free to email Ms. Anderson, Ms. Friesen, or Ms. Jones!


Spring Mixer
If you haven’t done so already, put this on your calendar! It is such a fun night and it is a great way to help support American Academy Lincoln Meadows! All Fourth Grade teachers will be there so come let’s have some fun together.
Friday, March 9th at the Colorado Golf Club in Parker
Teacher Time ~ Teacher Time is an opportunity for you to bid on an event for your child to have one-on-one time with a teacher outside of school! As teachers, we LOVE spending time with your child outside of school, so this is a great opportunity for us as well!
Staff Projects ~The projects are also a great option for you to bid on. This year, each staff members will be decorating a ceramic piggy bank in a theme of their choosing to be auctioned.


Click here to purchase your tickets (Don't wait! Limited number of tickets available):


Math lessons are underway in fourth grade, and are starting to become more challenging. The curriculum is laid out thoughtfully and intentionally and it is proven to work! Each lesson builds upon previous knowledge, so it is imperative that a strong mathematical foundation is laid out at the start of the year.
In language arts, we are continuing to build on the foundational skills that students have been working on throughout the year. Students are practicing these skills through their spelling assignments and reading responses.


We spent this week looking into some poetry. Students will be learning about the different types of poetry in preparation for the next novel.


In the coming weeks we will be reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.
Students are continuing to learn about the Middle Ages and took their mid unit exam this week. As a class, we have decided that we are grateful to not have to live during that time period! Please have your child continue to work on their Middle Ages Castle project. One of the goals of this assignment is for the students to have the experience of taking responsibility to follow through with a project over a period of time.
We introduced our new science unit on energy this week. In laying the foundation, we discussed what energy is and a few different types of energy. Next week we have some fun activities planned for students to explore kinetic and potential energy!


Thank you and we appreciate your support!
The Fourth Grade Team
Tonya Tuley, Sarah Lambert, Laura Donovan, Jessica Encinias