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Lincoln Meadows

Grade 4 News

Friday, August 30, 2019

We want to thank all of the parents who were able to attend Back to School Night yesterday. It was a pleasure seeing you again. If you were not able to make it to Back to School Night, you can download our presentation on our webpage. We were able to finish our iReady reading testing and we are finishing up math. We hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!


Students need earbuds for Go Math and testing purposes. Please make sure your student has earbuds at school. We need earbuds that will fit in your child’s pencil pouch so they can easily be transported from class to class.

Nut Free Snacks
Just a reminder morning and afternoon snacks are to be NUT FREE. Nutella is hazelnut and won't be allowed during snack time. We appreciate your help with this.

Remember starting next week to check your student’s planner for any homework that needs to be done. We are working on more understanding of the planner and why it is so important for organization.

Kickboard started this week. Remember you can log into Kickboard at home and see you student’s behavior at school. Your student may also like to check to see how much money they have in their account. Let us know if you have any questions.
Field Trip
We are going on our first field trip October 2 9:30-11:45am. We are going to the Lone Tree Arts Center to watch Daktor Kaboom and the Wheels of Science. Please click on your Homeroom teacher to register your student for the field trip.
We will need 3 chaperones per homeroom class to come with us. If you are interested in being a chaperone please contact your homeroom teacher.
Art Fundraiser!
This is a great fundraiser for our art department.

We are working on getting familiar with our GO Math curriculum. Next week we are diving into place value, addition, subtraction up to one million. We are beginning to work more online and assign assignments online as well.

In language arts, we are starting the year by refreshing the students on sentence and paragraph structure with Personal Narratives. We will also be reviewing the eight basic parts of speech to ensure students have a great foundation in grammar.

In reading, we are jumping back into our Spalding phonograms and handwriting. Our novel is Gulliver’s Travels and we are in the midst of his adventures with the Lilliputian people.

History in fourth grade is exciting and engaging! We are starting the year with a unit on maps and globes. Students will be learning rich vocabulary as they examine and navigate around varying maps and resources. The unit begins by allowing students to build an understanding of the cardinal directions, intermediate directions and using a map scale to determine distance.

We are kicking off fourth grade science with learning about “The Nature of Science”; our first unit. Students got to engage in our first little lab “Dancing Grapes” this last week. Ask your kids about what they observed and what happened! 😊 We are working on learning how to write up lab reports with the Claim-Evidence-Reasoning concepts. We will start researching scientists in the coming weeks. Also, our upcoming field trip is a great kick off to start our year in science!

Thank you and we appreciate your support!

The Fourth Grade Team

Tonya Tuley, Melissa Papulias, Laura Donovan, Jessica Encinias, Linda Olson