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Grade 4 News

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day. February is well under way. The end of the second Trimester is quickly coming up and we are working hard here in the classroom. We had a very successful Valentine's Day party today. Thank you to those that came to volunteer during this festive and fun day.


Field Trip
We have another amazing opportunity for a Field trip on March 8th, 2019. We are going to see the movie The Kid Who Would Be King. Since we have learned a bit about King Arthur we have rented out a theater to watch this movie. This field trip will be a little different. We are asking parents to drop off their student at the theater, AMC Twenty Mile, at 8:30am. We will then have buses bring us back to school once the movie is over. We need 6 chaperones for each homeroom class.

 ***If you would like to chaperone for this field trip please email your homeroom teacher. If you have any questions please let us know.***

1819 LM - Ms. Papulias' Class

1819 LM - Ms. Donovan's Class

1819 LM - Ms. Tuley's Class

1819 LM - Ms. Encinias' Class

Spring Mixer
Tickets are on sale NOW! 
Come have some fun while raising money for American Academy Lincoln Meadows!  The Spring Mixer is our largest fundraiser of the year!  Tickets are on sale now for the AAPTO-LM Spring Mixer, Rebels with a Cause at The Colorado Golf Club on March 9th. 
Click here to purchase a ticket, an absentee ticket, sponsor a teacher

Help us reach our $100,000 goal!  
Our students attend American Academy for an average of 167 days per year.  If every family at Lincoln Meadows donates $1 a day for each school day of the year ($167), with close to 600 families at our campus we would reach our goal of $100,000 to assist in updating our math curriculum, professional development, as well as other STEAM related Lincoln Meadows Wish list items!  We are asking families that cannot attend the Spring Mixer (or even those of you who are) to consider donating to our $1 a day campaign to assist in meeting our fundraising goals.  While we are hoping you will consider donating $1 per day, we also understand this isn’t possible for everyone--- so we hope you will consider any amount that works for your family.  EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS.  Every dollar is one step closer to our goal!
Click here to donate to the $1 a day campaign

Restaurant Night
Chicken Shack - Monday – Wednesday, February 18-20th – MUST PRESENT COUPON
Mark your calendars for our next restaurant days, yes days!!  Eat at The Chicken Shack anytime between February 18th, 19th and 20th SHOW YOUR FLYER and AA-LM will get part of the proceeds!  You must show this flyer below so take a screen shot and save it in your photos and add these days in your calendar!


Morning Activity Club
Do you want your child to have a blast in the morning before school and do a ninja warrior course, play soccer, do obstacle courses, then Morning Activity Club is for you. Join Ms. Birdno (technology teacher), Ms. Newell (2nd grade), Ms. Harrison (kindergarten), Ms. Encinias (4th grade), or  Ms. Pozner (3rd grade) for this wake me up club. Similar to Homework Club and Crash Club, you can go to Morning Activity Club only when you need, or every day of the week! The price has changed to $4!  Sign up on the School Store today!
Nut Free Snacks
Just a reminder morning and afternoon snacks are to be NUT FREE. Nutella is hazelnut and won't be allowed during snack time. We appreciate your help with this.

Kickboard is updated students can purchase their rewards every dress of choice day and the purchases will be logged and applied. We will be encouraging students to spend their money each month so they can benefit from their hard work. If you have any questions please let us know.
As we are progressing through Saxon, lessons are continuously getting more challenging.  Because of this, you may notice that your child's class may be slowing down the pace, or switching up the homework some days. Each teacher carefully monitors their student's progression to make sure students are getting the support or challenge that is needed.

    Our math books are SO heavy and we wanted to give your student the option to find their homework online rather than carrying the math book back and forth!  Below you will find the directions for finding the textbook online:
    1. Go to
    2. Go to Campuses and click on Lincoln Meadows
    3. Go to Resources.  Click on Office 365 One Drive.  Log in using your students’ AA email and lunch number.
    4. Click on the square of little dots in a square in the upper left corner and click on SharePoint.
    5. On the left hand side you should see a tab labeled student textbooks.
    6. Saxon 4 Student Textbook or Saxon 5 Student Textbook (whichever pertains to your student).
    7. Then scroll down and click on Student Bk Hake 4
In language arts, we have enjoyed talking about different poems and figurative languages. We are so excited to be playing everyone's board games that came in. Next week we will be spending time playing all the board games and finishing up poetry.

Reminder: The spelling assignments are posted on our website under spelling words. If your student ever leaves it at school they can find a copy there are print a new one. We also post our rubrics on the website as well for your reference.

This week in history we continued to learn about Colorado history. The students were placed in groups and worked on putting together Power Point Presentations based on groups of Colorado people including the Utes and Mountain Men. Next week the students will present their Power Points to their classmates and take a quiz on all the information they have learned so far about Colorado.
This week we focused on our Humans vs Nature unit. We learned about earthquakes, landslides, and tsunamis. The students got to be creative and build earthquake resilient structures and then tested them in a simulated earthquake situation. It was great as their science teacher to see the creativity, the enthusiasm and lots of problem solving techniques in full swing. After our four day weekend, we will continue with the Humans vs Nature Unit.

For a glimpse into the art room during this rotation, please check out Ms. Moore’s WEBPAGE.  
We'll be reviewing and learning more about each of the four instrument families through experiments, games, songs, and creative activities. We will also be building an instrument book filled with some of the worksheets and activities we've been working on for each of the instrument families. We'll also be meeting another composer through the time machine and actively listening to his work.
Physical Education
We will learn the importance and basic concepts of staying active and eating healthy. To understand that specific exercises can help strengthen different muscles of the body. To learn proper technique during exercise to prevent injuries. We will learn the names of muscle groups. Why is it important to stay active and eat healthy? So we can stay strong, have energy, be more successful and enjoy the sports and activities we participate in outside of school! Why is recovery after being active so important? So our bodies can regain strength and energy so we can continue to improve and be at our best during the activities we love to do!

This rotation we will continue to work on proper keyboarding and as well as learn about the foundations of coding. We will work through different lessons on and also on We will also watch different videos to see how coding is used everywhere around us daily and its history.

Thank you and we appreciate your support!
The Fourth Grade Team
Tonya Tuley, Melissa Papulias, Laura Donovan, Jessica Encinias