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Lincoln Meadows

Grade 4 News


 Friday, September, 27, 2019


     There are a lot of fun things coming up. Conferences are coming up and we have a date change. 4th Grade only will be changing their conferences to Tuesday and Wednesday. Please sign up for a conference time for ONE teacher in your students’ schedule. Please make sure you get a yearbook if you would like one.





Due to a conflict the 4th grade team must move conferences to Tuesday Oct. 8th and Wednesday Oct. 9th 4:30pm-7:00pm. Please choose one teacher from your students’ schedule to meet with. Families may only choose one time slot for conferences. If you would like to sign up for a conference please click on the sign up below. If you are unable to make a conference time please reach out the teacher you would like to meet with.  The sign up will close Monday Oct. 7th at 4:00pm.


Fall Conference Sign Up


Nut Free Snacks

Just a reminder morning and afternoon snacks are to be NUT FREE. Nutella is hazelnut and won't be allowed during snack time. We appreciate your help with this.



Remember starting next week to check your student’s planner for any homework that needs to be done. We are working on more understanding of the planner and why it is so important for organization.



Kickboard has been a great resource for us and the students to keep accountability for actions. Remember you can log into Kickboard at home and see you student’s behavior at school. Your student may also like to check to see how much money they have in their account. Let us know if you have any questions.


Field Trip

The field trip is coming up quick on October 2 9:30-11:45am! We are going to the Lone Tree Arts Center to watch Daktor Kaboom and the Wheels of Science. Please click on your Homeroom teacher to register your student for the field trip. We still need students from each homeroom to register so they can go.


1920 LM - Ms. Encinias' Class

1920 LM - Ms. Tuley's Class

1920 LM - Ms. Donovan's Class

1920 LM - Ms. Papulias' Class





We are working on getting familiar with our GO Math curriculum. We are beginning to move on to Chapter 2. We are still figuring out the balance between paper and online and the flow of class. Please be flexible as we are all learning Go Math.



In language arts, we are working on identifying a Narrative, Informative and Informative Narrative in both reading and writing. This will help us understand what we are aiming to get out of our work. We are also going to begin discussing what a summary is and how to write a meaningful summary.


In reading, we are jumping back into our Spalding phonograms and handwriting. We are deep in the Robin Hood adventure in Sherwood Forest. This aligns great with what they are talking about in History.


For spelling, we have given our first few assignments out. Students are writing the Spalding Markings for every word and then learning how to use their words appropriately in their writing. A copy of the assignment can be found on the 4th grade website.


Trimester 1 Book report was given last week. You can find a copy of the rubric on the 4th grade website.



This week in history, students were given their Castle Project assignment. They have had in class worktime to research and create a blueprint of what they want their castle to look like. The Castle Project is due Monday, October 28th.



This week in SCIENCE we learned about TEXT features and did two mini assignments in class around it. Students completed a quiz on Friday. We will be moving on next week starting a new unit.







Thank you and we appreciate your support!