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Lincoln Meadows

Grade 5 News

Friday, January 17, 2020
Dear American Academy Parents,
Puberty Lesson: Deadline is January 24th! There is only one week left to sign your child up through the school store! It is a $5.50 fee since this is a skype class with the Museum of Nature and Science. This class will be held on Friday, January 29th.
If your child isn't signed up, then he/she will be placed in another classroom for those two hours. Due to the excitement over this topic, we cannot guarantee what the students who attend will share with those who don't.
We will skype with the Museum of Nature and Science for an interactive lesson on puberty, followed by a video and teacher-led Q & A. This session will focus on growth and physical changes that happen between childhood and adulthood. The students will be separated by gender on this day. The skype lesson will include an overview of both males and females for the following topics: Quick Puberty Facts, Vocabulary Activity, Growth Rate, both gender's anatomy, emotional and interest changes, acne, body odor, and body hair. As far as handouts, the students will receive anatomy diagrams that are specific for their own gender.
For more information see the link below and scroll down to the Virtual New Me: Puberty heading.
Events Coming Soon
There are many events coming up. Please make sure to check the school store and get signed up.
1. January 29th - Puberty lessons - taught in class (please see above information)
2. February 13th - Dave and Busters (our Valentine's celebration - all day field trip)
3. February 25th - Lone Tree Arts Center - Shakespeare Play (more detailed info coming soon)
Additional School Supplies Needed
Each of the classrooms are experiencing a lack of basic supplies. Please be sure to send your students in with a pack of 24 Ticonderoga pencils. This is necessary for 5th grade students. Please ask your child if they have run low or run out of the other expected supplies. Many students are missing or running low on some of the following: glue sticks, high lighters (4 colors please), markers and or colored pencils.
LM Specials Updates:
Please visit the respective links below to see what your child is experiencing in specials programming!
Current Curriculum
The students are doing their homework online each day as well as having access to the student books online. Due to the homework being automatically leveled for your student with examples and multiple tries, the homework scores in IC may appear better than their in class work, quizzes, and tests.  There are also weekly assignments being checked in class throughout the week.
Language Arts
Looking forward to the new year, we have started our new novel, Little Women. For writing, we will be working on expository writing, beginning with a persuasive letter. This will include extensive research in conjunction with science based on the body systems. Keep your eyes open for an invitation to each class's Celebration of Learning.
The West is closed. We will be taking our final test and our test on the 50 states. Check out the study guide in One Note. Create a study game or flash cards to help study all of the information. The next week we will be starting the Civil War. Journey with us to find out why the nation is so divided and what leads us to war. 
Students have been brushing up on a few of the human body systems and their major organs. They have seen videos, have listened to a song or two, have read articles, have taken notes, have done a little hands on, and have even gotten a little queasy over the digestive system. We haven't lost sight of CEJ (claim, evidence, & justification), as students have had open class discussions based on a given question where they had to justify their opinion.
There will be a quiz over the skeleton and muscular systems on Tuesday, 01/21. More notes, videos, and hands-on activities to come, with another quiz on Friday, 01/24 over the nervous system. There will be a cumulative game on Tuesday 01/28, for students to show what they know!
STEAM is coming January 30th!
Thank you and we appreciate your support!
Have a wonderful break!
The Fifth Grade Team