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Lincoln Meadows

Grade 5 News

Monday, March 4, 2019
Dear American Academy Parents,

Leonardo DaVinci Field Trip
Pack your bags and empty the penny jar because we are headed to Italy! Not really, but we will be visiting the DaVinci exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on Friday, March 15. Cost for students is $11, so please sign your student up on the school store for this fun, inspiring, and educational-rich experience.
If you are interested in volunteering to help chaperone, please email your homeroom teacher. First come, first served.
Sign up link:
Spring Mixer is coming this spring.
Unless you have been under a rock, you probably have heard about the upcoming Lincoln Meadows fundraiser on March 9th. Not only is it a great opportunity to mingle with other parents and your favorite teachers, but you have a chance to bid on some awesome products supported, or made, by your child's teachers. Some of the most popular items each year are the ceramic crafts that are painted by the teachers. This year we are painting cereal bowls and the winner of each bowl will be able to use it during our cereal breakfast with the teacher who painted it. Look for the vicious animals with wide open mouths, those are what 5th grade teachers painted. If cereal isn't your thing, then you can always bid on the homeroom baskets. There are so many different baskets you will definitely find something to fit your favorite desire. Lastly, if your child wants to spend more time with their favorite teacher, check out the "Time with Teacher" offerings. We look forward to seeing you there.
Girls and Science at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is hosting a Girls and Science day on March 2nd! This event has the specific intent of giving kids a chance to meet people in a lot of different STEAM fields and hear about some of the cool opportunities in those fields. According to the website, “this day is all about igniting a passion for science – so try it on, test it out, and play!” It is a ticketed event, but kids ages 3 – 18 are only $4. Here is the link to the website:
Start Making Plans for Summer Camp - registration is now open!
We hope your kids can join us for one or more of the fun camps hosted by American Academy teachers and staff. There are many great options, and some camps even start the first week of summer break.
For more details and information about current summer camp offerings, visit the American Academy Summer Camp page (info is on the main website, under quicklinks >> parents >> summer camps).
Please note: ANY American Academy student can attend ANY of the summer camps listed, regardless of where the camp is being held. i.e. If your CP student wants to attend a camp being held at LM, simply log into your school store account but click on the other campus school store; all their camps will be listed under the Summer Camps tab. If you have questions, please email Catrina Phillips.
Illness Information
We are in the midst of the cold and flu season, so we would once again like to remind parents that there is always a high risk of contagion at school this time of year. The community has seen an increase in several different illnesses, including flu A, which is on the rise. If you are concerned that your child may have any of these illnesses, please contact your health care provider.  To keep the seasonal risk to students and staff to a minimum, please review the following guidelines and please KEEP SICK KIDS HOME!
Parents should remind students to:
- Wash hands frequently, especially after using the restroom and before eating
- Cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow NOT hands
Parents should be aware of the early signs and symptoms of illness such as:
- Decreased activity – droopy, tired appearance
- Irritable behavior – sleepy
- Sore throat/swollen glands
- Runny nose/cough
- Skin eruptions/rashes (students with undiagnosed rashes are not allowed to be in school)
- Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea
- Abdominal pain
- Fever (100ºF or higher is considered a fever in Douglas County Schools and student is not allowed to be at school)
Parents can help by:
- Checking students health before they leave home
- Keeping students home when they have signs/symptoms of illness
- Making arrangements with relatives/friends to take care of sick children if unable to do so yourself
- Please make sure your student is eating breakfast prior to coming to school
- Please send your student with a water bottle daily
- Please make sure your students have appropriate outer wear for changing weather
Returning to school after an illness:
- Student must be fever-free for 24 hours WITHOUT medication
- Student must stay at home for 48 hours after LAST episode of vomiting and/or diarrhea
- For conditions requiring antibiotics, students much complete the first 24 hours of medication before returning to school  
The Puberty Unit is coming
Every year we take advantage of the spring season to engage our students to learn about an important transition they will all experience, puberty.
Ms. Blocker gathers the girls for a video conference with a teacher from DMNS, while Mr. Sells has all the boys. It is a great opportunity for all our kids and we encourage everyone to enroll in this class that will be conducted on March 26.
Enroll your child now on the school store.
1819 LM - Ms. Blocker's Girls’ Classes
1819 LM - Mr. Sells' Boys’ Classes
Fifth Grade Specials
For a glimpse into the art room during this rotation, please check out Ms. Moore’s WEBPAGE.
We'll be reviewing and learning more about each of the four instrument families through experiments, games, songs, and creative activities. We will also be building an instrument book filled with some of the worksheets and activities we've been working on for each of the instrument families. We'll also be meeting another composer through the time machine and actively listening to his work.
Physical Education
We will learn the importance and basic concepts of staying active and eating healthy. To understand that specific exercises can help strengthen different muscles of the body. To learn proper technique during exercise to prevent injuries. We will learn the names of muscle groups. Why is it important to stay active and eat healthy? So we can stay strong, have energy, be more successful and enjoy the sports and activities we participate in outside of school! Why is recovery after being active so important? So our bodies can regain strength and energy so we can continue to improve and be at our best during the activities we love to do!
This rotation we will continue our work on the Dream Vacation Project. In this rotation we will finish up their itineraries in Word, and start budgets in Excel. We will continue to research and talk about how to be good teammates. They will learn how to use different formulas in Excel. We will continue to work on typing skills to move closer to our end of the year typing goal.
Current Curriculum
Leveled math classes are in full swing and we will be having tests after every five lessons. The curriculum is laid out thoughtfully and intentionally, with ongoing problems from previous lessons, and it is proven to work! Each lesson builds upon previous knowledge, so it is imperative that a strong mathematical foundation is laid out at the start of the year.
Language Arts
The students should continue to record their homework assignments into their planners. We planted a class garden to observe while we read The Secret Garden.

The expansion West continues. We have gained the Louisiana Purchase, watched the native walk the Trail of Tears and cheered when Texas won their independence. We will continue by following pioneers on the Oregon Trail and dig for gold in the California and Colorado gold rushes. As the United States pushes west we will continue to add states to our states quizzes. Keep studying and watching as the United States goes from coast to coast.

Welcome back to science, fifth graders. I am sure you had a great time in STEM programming your space missions, so we are going to finish up our studies of our solar system for the next few weeks before "coming back" to Earth for specific studies of the various spheres and ecosystems.
Thank you and we appreciate your support!
The Fifth Grade Team