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Lincoln Meadows

Grade 5 News

Friday, February 28, 2020
Dear American Academy Parents,
Events Coming Soon
March 13th - Second Trimester Celebration - AMC Theater Call of the Wild
Signup your student below:
1920 LM - Ms. Hunt's Class
1920 LM - Ms. Tobler's Class
1920 LM - Ms. Blocker's Class
1920 LM - Ms. Martin's Class
Teacher Time
The Silent Action for the 2020 Spring Mixer is almost here! Dive into some tasty decadence, some delightful pampering, an intriguing quest, and some good old fashioned past time with the Fifth Grade Team!
Ms. Blocker - Manicure and pedicure with winner and guest
Ms. Martin - Starbucks with winner and guest
Ms. Martin - Coldstone Creamery with winner and guest
Ms. Tobler - Escape Room with winner and guest
Ms. Hunt - Rockies game with winner and guest
Be sure to purchase an absentee ticket and bid from home. (See Below)
Spring Mixer Absentee Tickets On Sale Now

This is the part of the year we’ve all been waiting for!!! The Spring Mixer is finally here! It is next week (March 7th) from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Thank you to those that have purchased tickets. The ticket window has closed, but there is still plenty of time to buy your absentee ticket. You can bid on all of the auction items from the comfort of your own home with the purchase of an absentee ticket or you can make a direct donation. All proceeds of absentee tickets directly benefit Lincoln Meadows. American Academy Lincoln Meadows is focusing our fundraising efforts for this year's Spring Mixer on Technology and Curriculum updates---as well as enhancements to our STEAM program.  Our goal of $75,000 will be used to ensure the continued success of our students! Purchasing an absentee ticket can help us reach our goal, plus you have the opportunity to bid on some awesome items. Two of which are Teacher Time(see above) and Corn Hole Boards.
The 5th grade Corn Hole Boards
Use the following link to purchase your absentee ticket: .
Save the Date for Field Day
Elementary School Field Day will be on May 15th. Times TBD.
Rebel Care: List of Items
Clothing Items Snack/Drink Items Entertainment
Socks (Grip bottoms) Please no chocolate or sugar candy Crossword Puzzles
Scarves Gin Gin Ginger Candies Word Search Puzzles
Soft Hats Tummy Drops Sudoku
  Quesy Drops Blank Journal
  Peppermints Adult Coloring books
  Pretzels Deck of cards
  Crackers Pens/crayons/colored pencils
  Tea peppermint, ginger, lemon, citrus Stress balls

LM Specials Updates:
Please visit the respective links below to see what your child is experiencing in specials programming!
Current Curriculum
The students are doing their homework online each day as well as having access to the student books online. Due to the homework being automatically leveled for your student with examples and multiple tries, the homework scores in IC may appear better than their in class work, quizzes, and tests.  There are also weekly assignments being checked in class throughout the week.
Language Arts
You may have noticed a change this trimester with HAKE. We have now moved to HAKE Lessons Monday-Thursday, so please expect homework each of those evenings unless we have a Test. There is a HAKE test every 5th lesson. This week we are starting our newest novel, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. This will coincide with history and the Civil War. Also in literacy we will be working intensely on theme, poetry, and integrating multiple sources in writing and answering questions.
The War is well on the way. The hope for a quick and peaceful resolution is long past and now it is a matter of who can hold out until the end. Lee and Grant will take center stage as the end of the war approaches.
STEM is a hard act to follow, but we do have a lot of learning left! We are starting our Matter & Energy in Organisms & Ecosystems. Students will be looking at the following questions: How can we gather evidence about energy and matter in all living things? How do plants get and use energy and matter? How do energy and matter move though an ecosystem? How can we use what we know about energy and matter in living systems to solve problems?
Additional School Supplies Needed
Each of the classrooms are experiencing a lack of basic supplies. Please be sure to send your students in with a pack of 24 Ticonderoga pencils. This is necessary for 5th grade students. Please ask your child if they have run low or run out of the other expected supplies. Many students are missing or running low on some of the following: glue sticks, high lighters (4 colors please), markers and or colored pencils.

Thank you and we appreciate your support!
The Fifth Grade Team