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Lincoln Meadows

Grade 5 News

January 11, 2019


Friday, January 11, 2019


Dear American Academy Parents,


Kidpower of Colorado has been teaching children and the adults who care for them the skills and self-confidence that they need to stay safe and respond constructively to threatening circumstances. Kidpower provides experiential, developmentally appropriate, evidence-based programs that teach children skills that help them stay safe from abuse and harassment, including bullying. 

WHO: Students in grades 1-5 and their parents/guardians

WHEN: February 13 & 20, 2019 (Participants must attend both sessions.)

TIME: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

WHERE: Lincoln Meadows Cafeteria

COST: $35 per child, adults free.  

What skills do children learn?

Be aware and confident

Keep a safe distance from strangers

Use voice and body to stay safe

Get help from busy adults

Set boundaries on unwanted touch or behavior

Effectively address situations with bullies

How do we teach these skills?

We use upbeat language that is skill-based, not fear based

Kids have opportunities to “learn by doing” in a fun and empowering way

We focus on positive, practical solutions children can use to leave or stop problems as quickly as possible

QUESTIONS: Erika Henkart - 303-717-3898.

Class size is limited to 25 students. Sign up is on a first come, first served basis.

Sign up on the School Store TODAY!

Illness Information

We are in the midst of the cold and flu season, so we would once again like to remind parents that there is always a high risk of contagion at school this time of year. The community has seen an increase in several different illnesses, including flu A, which is on the rise. If you are concerned that your child may have any of these illnesses, please contact your health care provider.  To keep the seasonal risk to students and staff to a minimum, please review the following guidelines and please KEEP SICK KIDS HOME!


Parents should remind students to:

- Wash hands frequently, especially after using the restroom and before eating

- Cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow NOT hands


Parents should be aware of the early signs and symptoms of illness such as:

- Decreased activity – droopy, tired appearance

- Irritable behavior – sleepy

- Sore throat/swollen glands

- Runny nose/cough

- Skin eruptions/rashes (students with undiagnosed rashes are not allowed to be in school)

- Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea

- Abdominal pain

- Fever (100ºF or higher is considered a fever in Douglas County Schools and student is not allowed to be at school)


Parents can help by:

- Checking students health before they leave home

- Keeping students home when they have signs/symptoms of illness

- Making arrangements with relatives/friends to take care of sick children if unable to do so yourself

- Please make sure your student is eating breakfast prior to coming to school

- Please send your student with a water bottle daily

- Please make sure your students have appropriate outer wear for changing weather


Returning to school after an illness:

- Student must be fever-free for 24 hours WITHOUT medication

- Student must stay at home for 48 hours after LAST episode of vomiting and/or diarrhea

- For conditions requiring antibiotics, students much complete the first 24 hours of medication before returning to school  


Vision and Hearing Screenings


State mandated vision and hearing screenings will take place starting next week for grades K-3rd, 5th, and 7th.


Fifth grade is having their Vision and Hearing January 18, 2:00-3:30.  Please make every effort to have your student here for the screening.


If your child wears glasses or hearing aids, please make sure they have these with them at school on their screening date.  


Volunteering Opportunities: We are looking for volunteers to help with vision and hearing screenings! If you are in need of volunteer hours, we would love to have you come and help. Volunteers will assist with vision screens (we will train you on the screening day) and help kids get to and from their classrooms safely. The time slots are about 2-3 hours each -- pick a time and date that works for you! 

LM Volunteer Sign Up


If you would like to opt out your child for screenings, or if you have questions, please contact your school nurse Elizabeth Hinz


Thank you for your time and assistance. Please email the nurse with any questions or concerns. We are happy to help!


Second Trimester Conferences


Next week, the fifth grade team will be sending out information about conferences for January 23rd and 24th.  Please be watching and signup with one of your child's teachers.


Appeal for Supplies


The fifth grade team would like to ask for your help in resupplying our classrooms.  Specifically, we are in dire need of disinfecting wipes.  Since we have to sanitize our desks each and every day, we have already used up all the wipes you supplied us with at the beginning of the year.  We never like to ask you to spend more money on us, but since we don't have a budget for any more wipes, we desperately need your help.  If you happen to go shopping and see a great deal on wipes that kill 99.9% of germs, please think of us and grab a tube.




The fifth grade team would like to thank you for all your support with our food allergies. It is important to continue sending nut free snacks to school with your children.  Our students' allergic reactions range from a rash to not being able to breath in a matter of minutes.  Please continue this effort to help us protect your children by reminding them of the following: 

  • ONLY nut free snacks can be eaten at snack time.
  • Students must bring a separate snack, they are NOT to be eating their lunch during that time.
  • NO sharing or trading of food. 
  • Snacks are once a day at 10 am, unless you have arrangements with us due to specific needs.

Kickboard and positive behavioral reinforcement

One of the reasons we are using Kickboard to manage our students' behavior and performance is the ability to easily reward students for good behavior and making the best decisions.  At times, students may get negative notations and point deductions in Kickboard.  As all grade levels can attest, there are decisions our students make that become learning opportunities.  We are diligently collaborating at American Academy to find ways to help our students grow as individuals.  Please be sure to read the group email that will be coming out later today for some details on what we are doing to make the AA 5th grade experience the best for everyone.


Grades, Report Cards, and Infinite Campus


As you have been so diligently doing, please make sure you continue checking Infinite Campus to help remind your student of missing assignments.  If there are questions regarding grades, please ask your child to "self-advocate" by sending an email, him/herself, to the appropriate teacher.  Also, don't forget to review our grading policy in the AA Handbook to further understand the impact late assignments have on your student’s grade.  Thank you again for your support.


Fifth Grade Specials



This week students will learn about Humanity and how to create a collage. They will capture the concept of what humanity is through their individual culture (what they eat, wear, hobbies, etc.). This is going to be mixed media, drawing and cutting / gluing.



Students will learn about each of the four instrument families through experiments, games, songs, and creativity. They will also be building an instrument book filled with facts and pictures of each of the instrument families.


Physical Education

Students will learn the basic rules, techniques, and skills involved in the game of Floor Hockey. Students will also continue to improve their throwing and catching skills and be introduced to striking a ball with a bat. Students will continue to use player positioning, and offensive/defensive strategies in a team sport environment.



This rotation students will continue to work on finding more reliable websites while they use the internet to research for a Dream Vacation! Students will work with a partner or two to plan and budget a dream vacation for a family of four. They will use their researching skills and Microsoft Word skills to create an itinerary. This project will continue into the next two rotation. They will continue to work on typing skills and continue to move closer to their end of the year typing goal.


Current Curriculum




Leveled math classes are in full swing and we will be having tests after every five lessons. The curriculum is laid out thoughtfully and intentionally, with ongoing problems from previous lessons, and it is proven to work! Each lesson builds upon previous knowledge, so it is imperative that a strong mathematical foundation is laid out at the start of the year.


Language Arts


The students should continue to record their homework assignments into their planners. We are wrapping up Myths, Legends, and Folklores and our current novel Little Women.  Our next focus will be Shakespeare and figurative language.


We will be finishing our exploration unit in the next couple of weeks.  We have looked at how each of the European countries found and the interacted with the new world.  We will finish the unit off with student created PowerPoints to show all they have learned about the various explorers.  Then it is off to the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas.



We started off the new year studying Forces of Nature and began with gravity so we can further understand why our solar system is formed the way it is.  We will continue to study our solar system and space until we go to STEM in February.


Thank you and we appreciate your support!


The Fifth Grade Team