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Friday, January 12, 2018


Dear American Academy Parents,


Happy New Year!  We are back into the full swing of things after a lovely Winter Break.  We were completely overwhelmed and overcome by your acts of generosity towards all of us during the holiday season, and for that we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.





It feels as though our year is already flying by with our second round of conferences just around the corner! Conferences will be held on the evenings of January 24th and 25th, from 4:300pm-7:00pm. We will release the conference sign up link next Thursday, January 18th. We are looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's progress. Even though we would each love the chance to meet with you, we are unable to make that happen as we each see anywhere from 70-110 students a day. Please be thinking about the one teacher that you would most like to conference with and sign up with.


Self- Regulation

Beginning next week, during our homeroom time, your child will participate in an interactive Self-regulation Training Program.  This program utilizes interactive, engaging activities to increase your child's ability to physically calm down when he/she is upset, identify and express emotions appropriately, and implement problem solving skills and gain understanding.  Research indicates that those with well-developed Self-regulation skills have better academic performance, do better socially, have fewer mental health issues and live longer, happier lives.  As will all things involving your children, parental involvement is the key to success.  Your child will be asked to speak with you about what he/she is learning.  Thank you for taking part in this.



Your child recently took an Emergenetics Profile Survey.  Emergenetics is rooted in the concept that who you are today is the emergence of your behavior, genetic makeup and life experiences. Each profile will give us an in-depth knowledge of your child's unique makeup and provide and understanding of their Thinking and Behavior Attributes.  Next week, your child will be bringing home their profile to share with you!


Uniform Policy

Things have been getting a little loosey-goosey with the uniform compliance lately, but it is a shiny new year and it's time for a little clean-up. Please take the next week to review the Student Uniform Policy and be sure your students have what they need to be in compliance with this important, mission-related policy.


Outerwear Only AA approved sweater, hoodies, and jackets are allowed in the classrooms. All outerwear needs to be removed once inside the building.


Socks (Boys and Girls) There has been an issue with students wearing socks and leggings in colors and styles not approved. Socks must coordinate with the Uniform. Permitted colors are navy, red, white, black, or khaki (middle school). For girls, socks with the Marymount plaid trim from Dennis Uniforms are permitted.


Tights and Leggings Girls only) Tights or leggings may also be worn and must be navy, red, white or black.


Undershirts Only plain white undershirts or Dennis Uniforms mock turtle necks may be worn under uniform shirts for warmth. No long sleeve shirts are allowed to be worn underneath short sleeve shirts. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.


Hair Accessories (Girls only) Please ensure hair accessories coordinate with the student uniform. Bright pink bows and glittery neon headbands would not coordinate. Think red, white, and blue of our uniform colors.


Athletic Shoes The policy for shoes was revised to be easier, and that has led to some over the top shoes. The flashing lights, glitter, and characters can become rather distracting in a classroom setting.  


Boots of any kind are not permitted in our dress code, with the exception of snow boots for recess and travel to and from school in inclement weather. Snow boots must be removed in designated areas within the school building and replaced with shoes.



American Academy Lincoln Meadows Yearbook


Order your first ever American Academy Lincoln Meadows yearbook today! It is $17.50 to order a softcover book and $27.50 for a hardcover book. Do not wait to order your book, as the price will go up as the end of the school year approaches! Order your yearbook now!



Infinite Campus


Please make sure you are checking Infinite Campus for upcoming assignments, current grades and missing assignments.  Also, don't forget to review our grading policy in the AA Handbook.  Thank you again for your support.






Leveled math classes are in full swing, and have become more challenging. The curriculum is laid out thoughtfully and intentionally and it is proven to work! Each lesson builds upon previous knowledge, so it is imperative that a strong mathematical foundation is laid out at the start of the year.


Language Arts

In language arts, we continuing to work on sentence and paragraph structure, and discussing the Writing Process. Students are also diving into Poetry!



We have, after spending a long time with them, finally leave the Ancient Greeks and Romans behind.  We are now on to being Enlightened.  We will spend the next couple of weeks learning about the Enlightenment period and then move on to the French Revolution.  Look for a quiz on the new vocabulary in a couple of weeks as well as a quiz at the beginning of the week of Jan 22nd. 



Sixth grade has been learning about energy and focusing on what energy is and what sources exist, and since we discovered that energy can't be created or destroyed, we are trying to figure out where it comes from.  This leads us into chemistry and understanding atoms and molecules, where we will be learning how molecules are created and what atoms can fit together to make certain molecules.  



Thank you and we appreciate your support!


The Sixth Grade Team