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Electronic Device Policy - Please Read

Smart watches and phones certainly make for high-impact holiday gifts! But before you buy or send your student to school with any new electronic items, please be sure to read the American Academy Electronic Device Policy (you can download the policy or review it below). Many devices may not be allowed at school!


While the learning environment can be significantly enhanced by the use of electronic devices in an educational context, certain electronic devices can be a negative distraction to the classroom. American Academy’s technology emphasis encourages student use of, and curiosity about, electronic devices in general.

Devices Permitted in Classrooms

The following devices may be used in the classroom, for academic purposes, with teacher oversight. Other devices may be used in the classroom for specific purposes as directed by the teacher. Staff members have the right to request that use of any electronic device be discontinued immediately.
  • School laptops

  • Kindles and other electronic reading devices*

Devices Permitted Outside Classrooms During Non-Academic Times

The following devices may be used during non-class time such as in the halls during morning carpool, indoor recess, or during locker breaks. These devices may only be used during afternoon carpool with a teacher’s permission.
  • School laptops

  • Kindles and other electronic reading devices*

Devices Not Permitted

The following devices may not be used during AA business hours (7:30 am – 4:30 pm) without specific permission by a staff member. If students choose to bring any of these devices to school, they must remain in their backpack or locker and turned off.
  • iPads or other tablets

  • Smart Watches

  • MP3 Players, iPod Touches, iPods, or other music devices

  • Any device that is used to play a non-academic game

  • Any device that connects to a cellular network

  • Cell Phones (use permitted after 3:35 pm for communication)
*No personal device will be allowed to use AA internet connectivity. Kindles may not be used to access the internet at school.

Policy Violation

If a student is using a device that is not permitted or using any device inappropriately, the device will be confiscated and consequences will be implemented per the Student Discipline Policy. Confiscated devices must be picked up at the office by a parent.
The school reserves the right to revoke electronic device privileges from any student for inappropriate use.