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Lincoln Meadows


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VIP Carpool Passes Auction – Friday, September 22nd

Are you over carpool….the getting to school really early to avoid the line? The really long line down Twenty Mile? The waiting and waiting? Can you imagine cutting the line, passing all those cars, and driving straight up to your very own VIP Parking Spot. Well you can! The LM PTO has 4 coveted VIP Carpool Passes that we will auction off on Friday, September 22nd from 12:00- 5:00PM. Eligible starting bids will begin at $2,500, with a $4,000 BUY IT NOW Option. Bids will be counted as first in. If a bidder is out bid, they will be notified of the remaining highest bids until time expires. If a BUY IT NOW Option has been exercised, all active bidders will be notified of the remaining VIP Passes available. Bidders can begin emailing their bids starting at 12:00PM on Friday with bids sent to The Lincoln Meadows PTO Board will track all bidding until all passes are sold or time expires. All proceeds will support the AAPTO-LM and the Lincoln Meadows campus wishlist. Please Note: Carpooling families can join forces to bid on a pass, but only one car will have VIP access daily.
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Summer Get Together

Come meet other families who will be attending the new American Academy Campus at Lincoln Meadows? Want to meet some of the amazing AA Staff and Administration? We hope you will bring your families & come join us for a fun evening! Wednesday, August 16th - Kindie Prep to 3rd Grade & Thursday, August 17th - 4th Grade & 6th Grade 6-8pm at the Motsenbocker Campus
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