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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Birkmeier

Education:  Bachelors in music education, Western Michigan University


Home town:  Downers Grove, Illinois


Hobbies:  Reading, painting, playing instruments, and calligraphy


Family:  My partner, my parents, and my brother


Classroom wishes: New keyboards, instrument storage, band and orchestra instruments


Coffee/tea: Oat milk latte with coffee or chai


Snack: Popcorn and dark chocolate


Night out restaurant: Mt. Fuji sushi


Lunch restaurant: Kneaders, Panera


Place to shop: Michaels


Clothing store/style: Ann Taylor


Movies (out or in): Home


Bookstore: Sudden Fiction Books


Holiday: Thanksgiving


Flower: Sunflower


Color: Blue


Silly fact about me: My instruments have names! Charles the euphonium, Grace the violin, and Gillian the clarinet