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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Ferradino

Education:  Psychology, B.A., B.A., University of California, Riverside
Home town:  Upland, California
Hobbies:  Cooking & baking, camping, hiking, reading suspense thrillers
Volunteering:  Castle Rock Swim Team Board of Directors
Family:  Wonderful mother to two kiddos and a beloved rescue pup, Sam Adams.
Coffee/tea: Unsweetened Iced Herbal Teas
Snack: Salted Almonds, Dark Chocolate
Night out restaurant: Union Bistro, Siena
Lunch restaurant: Noodles & Co, Mad Greens
Place to shop: Kohls, Target, Hobby Lobby
Clothing store/style: Target & Kohls
Movies (out or in): Home!
Bookstore: Amazon
Holiday: Christmas
Flower: Sunflower
Color: Pink or Yellow
Sports team(s): Red Sox & Patriots!!!!
Silly fact about me: I collect aprons.