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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Gaskell

Special awards

2021 Apple Award Nominee


Home town

Have lived in IL, NY, MN, CA, FL, AZ & CO.
Kind of a Minnesota midwest girl and San Diego, California girl at heart.



Sewing & embroidery.
Riding horses.
Growing tomatoes & veggies in pots on my porch.



Married 32 years.
3 grown children:
Son in Arizona (oldest),
Son in the Navy (youngest),
and our daughter, Kirsten Gaskell, is a Kindie teacher at American Academy Castle Pines.



Volunteered in 2021 at the Elizabeth Stampede in Hospitality; we cooked food for the contestants, their families, and rodeo volunteers; served over 3000 meals over 4 days!


My Favorites

Allergies: allergic to swiss cheese.  

Coffee/tea: Water.  Sweet Tea.  Diet Tea with Lemonade.

Snack: Reeses Take 5 bars. Aussie Bites from Costco. Cheetos. Mini bundt cakes!

Night out restaurant: anything mexican

Lunch restaurant: Chik Fil A

Place to shop: Amazon

Clothing store/style: Cinderella's Boutique in Parker

Movies (out or in): home

Bookstore: Barnes & Noble

Holiday: Christmas

Flower: Roses, pansies...anything colorful or smells good!

Color: red

Silly fact about me: I have two chinchillas as pets. Also chickens, horses, bees, dogs and a cat. I get cold easily so I love knee socks.