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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Knox

Education:  B.A. in Computer Science, Emory University
Home town:  Norfolk, Virginia
Hobbies:  Playing and listening to music, jigsaw puzzles, snowboarding
Family:  2 daughters (2nd and 5th grade) and a Puggle.
Volunteering:  PTA Vice President at Bear Canyon Elementary
Allergies: Cilantro &  Coffee
Coffee/tea: Gypsy Cold Cure Tea
Snack: Brussel's Cookies
Night out restaurant: Parry's Pizza
Lunch restaurant: Mici's
Place to shop: Target
Clothing store/style: T. J. Maxx
Movies (out or in): Alamo Theater
Bookstore: Tattered Cover
Holiday: Christmas
Flower: Daisy
Color: Gray
Sports team(s): Alabama Crimson Tide, Colorado Avs