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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Liley

Education:  B.S. Elementary Education, University of Northern Colorado


Home town:  Littleon, Colorado


Hobbies:  Hiking, working out, spin class, reading, snowshoeing


Family:  Husband, daughter 16 attends Rock Canyon, son 20 attends UNC, Leo bishon dog


Volunteering:  Church, Brent's Place, Make A Wish, Rock Canyon H.S Poms.


Allergies: fish


Coffee/tea: nonfat late, diet coke


Snack: Popcorn, chocolate, or healthy snacks like trailmix, or hummus and veggies


Night out restaurant: White Chocolate Grill


Lunch restaurant: Mad Greens or Garbanzo


Place to shop: Athleta, Target


Clothing store/style: workout clothes (Athleta)  or Nordstrom


Movies (out or in): Either


Bookstore: Barnes and Noble


Holiday: Christmas


Flower: Tulip


Color: Pink


Sports team(s): Broncos and Avalanche