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Lincoln Meadows

About Mr. Martin


B.A. Elementary Education, University of Wyoming

Special awards

Best Carbon County Librarian 2018
Carbon County SD2 Teacher of the Year 2010

Home town

Encampment, WY




Wife & 2 puppies


Town of Encampment Webmaster
Grand Encampment Cowboy Gathering Webmaster


My Favorites

Allergies: Dairy, chocolates, nuts, caffeine, oily foods (mayo, pasta salad, etc.)

Snack: Gummy Bears

Night out restaurant: Olive Garden or Mexican

Lunch restaurant: Wendy's or Chick-fil-A

Place to shop: Amazon

Clothing store/style: Ties

Movies (out or in): Theater (Regal) or home (AppleTV)

Bookstore: Apple (digital) or Amazon

Holiday: Valentine's Day

Color: Blue

Silly fact about me: Never wear the same tie twice throughout school year