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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Liang

Education:  B.S. in Biology, University of Pittsburgh
Home town:  McKeesport, PA
Hobbies:  Soap Making, Baking sweet treats, Pottery Making
Family:  Husband, Two Children (both are enrolled at American Academy)
Volunteering:  Food prep volunteer at Queen of Vietnamese Martyrs
Coffee/tea: Buckwheat Tea
Snack: chips
Night out restaurant: Texas Roadhouse
Lunch restaurant: Sushi Katsu
Place to shop: Target
Clothing store/style: JCrew
Movies (out or in): home
Bookstore: Library
Holiday: Christmas
Flower: Poppy
Color: salmon
Sports team(s): Pittsburgh Steeler
Silly fact about me: I bake sweet treats, but I don't eat them.