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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. True

Education:  Psychology, University of Northern Colorado

Home town:  Iowa

Hobbies:  Family time, hiking, water activities, outdoor events  really almost anything with the family.

Family:  I have a husband, 7 children and 1 grandson. we also have a dog. One daughter attends AA.

Allergies: dislike coffee, pizza, hotdogs

Coffee/tea: Numi organic tea. Green or black tea-cold and Hot cocoa

Snack: peanut butter M&M's

Night out restaurant: play at the Buell theater

Lunch restaurant: Jimmy John's, Panera

Place to shop: Target

Clothing store/style: LL Bean. Lands End

Movies (out or in): theater

Bookstore: Parker library

Holiday: Any holiday I don't have to cook and clean for.

Flower: lilacs and lavender

Color: green

Sports team(s): Denver Broncos or Legend Rugby team