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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Quintana

Education:  Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, University of South Dakota

Home town:  Wall, South Dakota

Hobbies:  Love hiking, riding bikes, cooking, reading and going to movies

Family:  3 wonderful children and a dog named Bandit.

Coffee/tea: Americano with cream

Snack: Anything salty - chips, pretzels, nuts

Night out restaurant: Spice Kitchen, Parker CO

Lunch restaurant: Hoongs Palace - Chinese

Place to shop: Amazon

Clothing store/style: Maurices

Movies (out or in): Theater

Bookstore: Amazon

Holiday: ALL!

Flower: Sunflower

Color: Yellow

Sports team(s): Broncos

Silly fact about me: I am the youngest of 8 kids (same parents) and they tell me I got away with just about everything. LOL.