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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Hinz

Education:  BS in Nursing, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center


Home town:  Dallas, TX


Hobbies:  reading, shopping, movies, hiking, camping, traveling


Family:  I have twin sons here at AA, an awesome husband, and we have a pet hamster named Lizzie


Allergies: gluten free


Coffee/tea: iced green tea, nonfat vanilla latte


Snack: popcorn, gummy candies, chocolate


Night out restaurant: La Loma


Lunch restaurant: Chick Fil A, In n Out


Place to shop: Target, Amazon, Athleta


Clothing store/style: Athleta, Nordstrom, Target


Movies (out or in): home


Bookstore: Amazon


Holiday: Christmas, Easter


Flower: Peony, Lillies


Color: turquoise/teal, yellow. purple


Sports team(s): Texas Tech Red Raiders, Auburn Tigers