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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Garcia


Bachelor's in Elementary Education/Special Education, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Home town

Phoenix, Arizona


Hiking, Running, Biking, Traveling, Eating


Husband of 13 years, Rene. Two daughters (7th grade and 4th grade). One min-pin dog named Bean. One hamster named Spud (short for Potato). Extended family in Arizona, Oregon, Texas, and Ireland.


* Trail Running events


My Favorites

Classroom wishes: White cardstock, smelly stickers, smelly ink pads, Mr. Sketch markers, colored file folders, Amazon gift cards

Allergies: none

Coffee/tea: Iced Vanilla Coffee or Unsweetened Tea

Snack: Granola Bars, Ranch or original sunflower seeds, peanut M&M's, Diet Coke, hummus/pretzels

Night out restaurant: Elway's

Lunch restaurant: ChikFila/ Wahoo's

Place to shop: Amazon

Clothing store/style: Target

Movies (out or in): Home

Bookstore: Barnes and Noble

Holiday: St. Patrick's Day

Flower: N/A. I prefer plants =)

Color: Orange

Sports team(s): Denver Broncos

Silly fact about me: I own more than 40 hats, I avoid spiders and clowns at all costs, I get dizzy on carousels and swings, I enjoy running long distances in the hot desert, I love to vacuum, I'm terrible at cooking