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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Liebelt

Education:  B.S. in Education , Bowling Green State University

Home town:  Fremont, OH

Hobbies:  Lifting, running, skiing, and hiking

Family:  Husband: Jeremy, Daughter: Harper 4th grade AA student, Son: Graeme 2nd grade AA student
Classroom wishes: Treasure box toys, flare pens, stickers, and clipboards

Coffee/tea: Vanilla or Hazelnut Latte

Snack: Popcorn, beef jerky, and plantain chips

Night out restaurant: Kurosawa Sushi Parker

Lunch restaurant: Chipotle

Place to shop: Anthropology

Clothing store/style: Anthropology or Nordstrom

Movies (out or in): Theater

Bookstore: Tattered Cover

Holiday: Easter

Flower: Peony

Color: Aqua

Sports team(s): Ohio State Buckeyes

Silly fact about me: I have more shoes than you can imagine and probably have more in the mail ;-)