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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Beckel

Education:  Grand Canyon University
Home town:  Lompoc, CA
Hobbies:  Love exploring outdoor trails, reading, and playing baseball with my two boys
Family:  I'm married and two boys who attend American Academy Castle Pines, grades 3rd and 7th. We love our kitties, dog, Russian Tortoise and two bunnies
Classroom wishes: Scented stickers, wiggly eyes, cotton balls, paper plates, electric pencil sharpener, chalkboard pens, Pom poms, stamps, colored stamp pads, teachers tape, foam dice, flair pens, play-dough, button magnets for dry erase board, washable tempera paint bottles(all colors), kid friendly paint brushes for tempera paint
Coffee/tea: Cinnamon Dolce, vanilla latte, Starbucks, Fika house, Dutch Brothers
Snack: Chocolate, berry skittles, Doritos
Night out restaurant: Hickory House
Lunch restaurant: Fuzzys tacos
Place to shop: Target, Lakeshore Learning
Clothing store/style: Maurice’s, The Loft
Movies (out or in): Regal theater
Bookstore: Barnes and noble, Books are awesome!
Holiday: Christmas
Flower: Sunflowers and Roses
Color: Red
Sports team(s): Avalanche, Broncos
Silly fact about me: I’m a cat lady, I love cats 🐈