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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms Beckel


Grand Canyon University

Home town

Lompoc, CA


Love exploring outdoor trails, reading, and playing baseball with my two boys


I'm married and two boys who attend American Academy Castle Pines, grades 3rd and 7th. We love our kitties, dog, Russian Tortoise and two bunnies



My Favorites

Classroom wishes: Scented stickers, wiggly eyes, cotton balls, paper plates, electric pencil sharpener, chalkboard pens, Pom poms, stamps, colored stamp pads, teachers tape, foam dice, flair pens, play-dough, button magnets for dry erase board, washable tempera paint bottles(all colors), kid friendly paint brushes for tempera paint

Allergies: None

Coffee/tea: Cinnamon Dolce, vanilla latte, Starbucks, Fika house, Dutch Brothers

Snack: Chocolate, berry skittles, Doritos

Night out restaurant: Hickory House

Lunch restaurant: Fuzzys tacos

Place to shop: Target, Lakeshore Learning

Clothing store/style: Maurice’s, The Loft

Movies (out or in): Regal theater

Bookstore: Barnes and noble, Books are awesome!

Holiday: Christmas

Flower: Sunflowers and Roses

Color: Red

Sports team(s): Avalanche, Broncos

Silly fact about me: I’m a cat lady, I love cats 🐈