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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Lederhos

Education:  B.S. in Speech Communication, Colorado State University, Elementary Licensure, Metro State

Home town:  Denver, CO

Hobbies:  Volleyball, running, reading, traveling

Family:  my sweet pup, Stella
Allergies: cilantro, soy

Coffee/tea: Whole milk, light iced, chai from Starbucks

Snack: chips, chocoate

Night out restaurant: India's Kitchen

Lunch restaurant: Mici'a

Place to shop: Walmart

Clothing store/style: Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls

Movies (out or in): Home

Bookstore: Tattered Cover

Holiday: Easter, Christmas, 4th of July

Flower: Peonies, poppies

Color: silver, coral

Sports team(s): Rockies