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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Sura

Education: in Computer Science, S.V.University India, B.Sc in Computer Science, Bangalore University India

Home town:  Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India

Hobbies:  Watch movies, Driving long distances
Family:  I have an amazing husband and two wonderful kids.

Allergies: Seafood Allergy

Coffee/tea: Chai Latte

Snack: Popcorn

Night out restaurant: P.F Chang's, Los Dos Portillos, Panera bread

Lunch restaurant: Tacos. Biryani

Place to shop: Target, Michaels

Clothing store/style: JC Penney, Chicos, Ann Taylor

Bookstore: Barnes and Noble

Holiday: Diwali, Christmas
Flower: Jasmine, Roses

Color: Sky blue, Sea green

Sports team(s): Broncos