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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Paez

Education:  B.S. in Education, University of Nebraska, Kearney


Special awards:  Nominated for the Teacher of the Year Apple Award 2013-2020


Home town:  Metarie, LA


Hobbies:  Camping, hiking, concert goer, book club, movie lover


Family:  Husband of 24 years, son in graduate school, daughter in college, 3 doggies


Volunteering:  Church related events


Coffee/tea: iced caramel macchiato


Snack: trail mix


Night out restaurant: Junz Restaurant


Lunch restaurant: Jimmy Johns


Place to shop: Maurices


Clothing store/style: Boutique


Movies (out or in): theater


Bookstore: Amazon


Holiday: Valentine's Day


Flower: tulips


Color: aqua blue


Sports team(s): Red Sox

Silly fact about me: I have crooked pinkies :)