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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Hanchett

Education:  B.S Sociology , Brigham Young University - Minor in Business Management , Brigham Young University

Home town:  Harvard, Massachusetts 
Hobbies:  I enjoy hiking to waterfalls, camping in the mountains,  and spending time in nature. I also love photographing families, especially newborns. 
Family:  I married to my college sweetheart, Michael. We are parents to four boys: Caleb, Dallin, Blake, and Tyler. All of our boys have attended American Academy, but only my youngest is still there. 
Volunteering:  I'm a youth leader at my church, coach in the community, and volunteer with Boy Scouts of America. 
Snack: Fresh fruit 
Night out restaurant: Outback

Lunch restaurant: Mad Greens
Place to shop: Lulu Lemon

Clothing store/style: Athletic

Movies (out or in): Theatre 

Bookstore: Tattered Book 

Holiday: Christmas

Flower: Lily

Color: Green

Sports team(s): Basketball/Nuggets