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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Anderson

Education:  Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education , Winona State University (Winona, MN)

Home Town:  Stacy, MN

Hobbies:  Sporting events, running, reading, playing with my daughter
Family:  Husband and a daughter
Classroom wishes: PaperMate Flare Markers - fun colors, Globe, Easel, Big Jugs of all colors of paint, Monster Fish Tank (PetSmart), Step Stool (for kids to wash hands), ClipBoards (25), Kid Friendly Games, Puzzles, Book Shelf Display
Allergies: dislike coffee
Coffee/tea: hot cocoa
Snack: Reese's, Chcoloate Chip Cookies, Rice Krispies
Night out restaurant: Maggiano's, Eddie Merlots
Lunch restaurant: Panera, Noodles
Place to shop: Target, Dress Barn
Clothing store/style: Dress Barn, Nordstrom
Movies (out or in): Home
Bookstore: Amazon
Holiday: All!
Flower: Tulips, Lillies
Color: NEON
Sports team(s): All MN and CO sports teams
Silly fact about me: I love eating ice cream during snow storms