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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Ferradino

Education:  B.S. in English and Secondary Education, Metropolitan State University of Denver, M.A. in School Counseling, University of Denver 
Special awards:  Member of Chi Sigma Iota Professional Counseling Organization

Home town:  California and Bailey, Colorado

Hobbies:  Reading, spending time with my little dude, running, video games, cooking, painting, and drinking coffee.

Family:  My husband, Chism, and my son, Lando Justin! 
Allergies: Celiac Disease - no gluten 

Coffee/tea: Sugar Free Golden Eagle from Dutch Bros 

Snack: Anything gluten free!

Night out restaurant: West Main Taproom in Parker 

Lunch restaurant: Chick Fil A 

Place to shop: Target 

Clothing store/style: Target...again. 

Movies (out or in): Home

Bookstore: Tattered Cover and Barnes and Noble 

Holiday: Thanksgiving 

Flower: Sunflowers

Color: Yellow and Green

Sports team(s): Mercedes Formula One Team