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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Black

Education:  B.A. Journalism - Advertising/Public Relations; Marketing Minor, University of Arkansas, M.A. Journalism/Marketing, University of Arkansas, currently pursuing a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction, UC Denver - School of Education and Human Development

Home town:  Pensacola, Florida

Hobbies:  traveling with my family; off-roading; swimming; hiking; reading; gardening

Family:  husband; daughter in high school at Lutheran High School; middle school son at AA; 1 dog, 2 cats, a mess of fish and more recently 2 toads

Volunteering:  Member/Sustainer - Junior League of Denver
My Favorites:  Classroom wishes: historical novels that pertain to 6th and 7th grade History topics that are middle school appropriate.
Allergies: none

Coffee/tea: caramel macchiato, unsweetened tea

Snack: popcorn

Night out restaurant: authentic Mexican or Italian

Lunch restaurant: summer - chicken salad; winter - green chili

Place to shop: everywhere

Clothing store/style: style - more traditional/classical; Anne Taylor, Talbots, Ralph Lauren

Movies (out or in): theater

Bookstore: Barnes&Noble

Holiday: My birthday and Christmas are a tie

Flower: ALL

Color: ALL

Sports team(s): Arkansas Razorbacks

Silly fact about me: I worked at a goat farm one summer in college. I can still do a front flip off a diving board. I love golf and tennis but am not really great at either.