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Lincoln Meadows

About Mr. Middlebrooks

Education:  Bachelor of Arts - Vocal Performance, California Institute of the Arts and Colorado Christian University


Volunteering:  Choir - Cherry Hills Community Church


Hometown:  Lakeview, Oregon


Hobbies:  Read, ski (snow + water), movies, love to eat, running occasionally (when chased), musical theatre


Family:  Daughter - Sierra who is living in LA and working in film and television

Allergies: Raisins
Coffee/tea: Hazelnut Chai, Dirty Chai, Caramel anything, pumpkin anything
Snack: Snickers, Twix, Cookies, Fruit (Berries and Mango), Key Lime Pie, Pumpkin Pie
Night out restaurant: Melting Pot
Lunch restaurant: Chipotle, Garbanzos, Burgers
Place to shop: Nordstroms if I have to
Clothing store/style: Nordstroms
Movies (out or in): Theatre
Bookstore: Any
Holiday: Easter
Color: Yellow
Sports team(s): Broncos