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Lincoln Meadows

Elementary (K-5) P. E.

Rotation 4 Lesson Plans: November 18th - December 19th

Grades K-2

Hand/Eye Coordination
• Throwing, catching, and rolling a ball
• Games: Clean Up Your Backyard, Crazy Bowling and Dr. Dodgeball
-We will learn the correct techniques for throwing, catching, and rolling a ball.
-Challenge yourself, can you catch a ball before it hits the ground or can you catch a ball with one hand? Can you throw a ball and hit a target 3 times in a row?...Do your best and keep practicing to improve your skills and accuracy!
-We will work in teams to achieve the objective of winning a game while demonstrating sportsmanship.
-How can you help your team be more successful?...Maintain a positive attitude, do your best and show good sportsmanship!
Grades 3-5
• Serving, bumping, setting, and hitting/spiking
• Team formations and player positioning
• Team rotations
-We will learn the basic team formations and rotations during a game of volleyball.
-We will master striking a ball with the four basic techniques allowed in the rules of volleyball.
-We will improve skill and confidence when serving a volleyball during gameplay
-How can you help your team be more successful?...Use communication and collaborate with teammates to come up with strategies.
-How many times consecutively can you serve the ball over the net?...All eyes are on you when serving, do your best and stay focused to build your skills and confidence!
-Can you master all four basic volleyball techniques?...Work hard with a classmate during warmups to improve your skills!