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Lincoln Meadows

Kindergarten News

Friday, January 11th, 2019


Dear Families,


Welcome back! We are so excited to begin our second half of the year! Can you believe we are already half way done? Wow!


What We’re Learning


  • We have continued our work with subtraction problems and adding with zero.  We will begin working with coins again as well.  Please work on any flash cards sent home and find ways to bring up discussions about coins. 


  • We continued work with rhyming and began breaking down words into syllables.  Please continue to work on proper lowercase handwriting and name writing at home.


  • We have started our Planes, Trains, and Automobiles unit on forces and motion! Students are discussing pushes and pulls this week. 


Notes from Your Teachers


  • We know it is cold, but please follow the uniform guidelines: Long-sleeve shirts may not be worn underneath short-sleeve shirts. If your child needs extra warmth inside, it must be an AA Dennis Uniform Approved Long-Sleeve Shirt or Sweatshirt. The Uniform Policy may be found here:

Cold Weather is Here!

  • We go out to recess unless it is raining or below 20 degrees. We have been seeing several kids coming to school without jackets or sweatshirts.  Make sure your child has appropriate clothing to wear out to recess. If you’re sending jackets, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, please LABEL them with your child’s name! When there is snow on the ground, students need to have snow boots.


  • We have been noticing a few students outside at snack with nut items.  Please make sure that your child knows what a nut is and that we need to continue with NUT FREE snacks.  This includes snack items that contain peanuts or tree nuts, such as Nutella. 


Notes from American Academy


  • We have Literacy Winter Conferences coming up January 23rd and 24th. You will receive a separate email, from your child’s LITERACY teacher, to sign up.

Lego Club

  • Our Second Session of LegoCreate! is now up on the school store! If you are interested, please sign up today! LegoCreate! begins on January 22nd!

Parents Night out

  • Take a night off and leave your kids at school for PNO! Students will play games, do crafts, eat snacks and dinner, and watch a movie! Kids may bring sleeping bags and pajamas for a comfy experience.  The upcoming PNO is taking place on February 1st, so sign up now before all the slots are gone!


  • Art
    • Lines, lines, lines! Lines are all around you and me! Kindergarten will be creating a beautiful mountain scene with a sun set (much like Colorado)! They will be using a variation of lines to add movement within their mountains. We will then create a sun set with rays of color! 
  • Music
    • Students will learn about each of the four instrument families through experiments, games, songs, and creativity. They will build an instrument book filled with facts and pictures of each of the instrument families. 
  • Physical Education
    • Students will continue to improve their kicking, throwing and catching skills, and be introduced to striking a whiffle ball with a plastic bat. They will also learn the basic rules of each game while demonstrating teamwork and sportsmanship. 
  • Technology
    • This rotation students will continue to work on logging into Students will continue to work on typing daily. They will start and finish different lessons within the website. Students will continue to explore different website to gain more control with their mouse and get familiar with solving problems that arise when they are working on the computers.



Core Virture of the Month

This month we are focusing on COURAGE. Please focus at home on this character trait and find ways to praise your child for showing all of our traits every day!








Second Trimester Communication 

We have had so much fun getting to know your precious littles ones this year! We can’t believe that we are in wonderful trimester 2! In trimester 1, we gave the students extra grace and many reminders of our classroom rules and behavior expectations as they were getting adjusted to the longer day and larger class sizes of kindergarten. Now that the kids have had twelve weeks of school, we are going to be holding them more accountable, which means, not as many reminders. Currently we have been giving three reminders before issuing a deduction into kickboard. Please check in with kickboard each evening to see specific communication regarding your child. We appreciate you supporting us at home and having these valuable conversations with you child.

As a reminder, our class rules are:

  1. Listen and follow directions.
  2. Raise your hand before speaking.
  3. Respect yourself, teachers, classmates, and classroom materials
  4. Keep bodies and objects to ourselves.




Haven’t ordered your child their yearbook yet? You are still in luck and they even have a deal for you! Please go to and enter the LM passcode: 1015299414941205. If you order by November 30th – you will receive 5% off! You can even customize 2 pages for your child! Yearbooks start at $20 with option to upgrade to a hardcover for an additional fee!



We hope you all are having an amazing week!


Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Baladad, Ms. Forystek, Mrs. Harrison, Ms. Johnson