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Lincoln Meadows

LM Elementary Music (K-5)

Welcome to our music page! I'm Ms. Birkmeier, your new music teacher this year. I'm so excited to make music with all of you! For the first 2 weeks of classes this year, I will be coming to your room to visit and start making music together. After these first 2 weeks, you'll be able to come to my room for our regular rotations, when I get to see you for a whole week! Virtual assignments will be sent through Teams, and posts on this webpage will be meant for fun musical updates. I'm looking forward to a marvelous musical year!
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me:
Course Overview
Our first unit will be the rhythm unit, where we will learn about long and short notes, as well as how to play them on our instruments! We will also learn about pitch (high/low sounds), instruments of the band and orchestra, musical storytelling, dynamics (loud/soft), and tempo (fast/slow).
To measure our progress, we'll be taking some pre-assessments as our rhythm unit continues, and then we'll be taking those same tests at the end of the year to see what everyone needs to know and what we've learned throughout the year!
We'll have some extra considerations this year with sanitizing and not singing as much as we usually would, but we have some wonderful instruments and resources to learn all of our concepts!
Rhythm Unit Week 3
We're halfway through our rhythm unit! Next up is pitch, where we'll learn about high and low sounds as well as create some of our own! Although we can't do as much singing this year, I have some instrumental tricks up my sleeve. Stay tuned! 
Conferences are coming up on October 7th and 8th. I have a sign-up link posted in our Links tab, so head over to that tab and make sure "Conferences" is the category in the drop-down menu. From there, it'll take you to the Sign-Up Genius link where you can pick a slot if you're interested in a conference time with me!