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Lincoln Meadows

Where Does the Money Go?

We want you to know that your contributions to your student's American Academy campus makes a huge difference!!
How much money did we raise and where did our money go?
We successfully raised close to $150,000 in our inaugural year! Although the AAPTO-LM does more than just fundraising, raising money is an important component of what we do. Funds raised support our social events and community outreach initiatives, as well as supplement curriculum programming and school improvements. The following are a few examples of how PTO funds have been used to support our STEAM program and school last year….

· Pottery Wheel & Kiln
· Wall Scoreboard for the Gymnasium
· Dean’s Library
· PE Equipment & Uniforms
· Outdoor Basketball Hoop, Tetherball Poles & Four Square
· Bleachers for the Gymnasium
· Funding for our STEM Program
· 4 Indoor Basketball Hoops for the Gymnasium
· Rebel Wall Decal for the Gymnasium
· Makeover for the Teacher’s Lounge
· Makeover for the Front Office & Lobby
· Makeover for the Instructional Assistant Workroom
· Outdoor Canopies for Field Day & Fun Run
· Outdoor Grill for Teacher Appreciation, Summer Get-Together, Field Day Hotdog lunch, etc.
· Tek T-shirts & Otter Pops for Field Day


How did AAPTO-LM support our community?
Money raised at our PTO sponsored events is used to fill in the gap between what is allocated by public
funding and the additional experiences and resources we want available for our children to enhance
their learning experience at school. Public funding provides basic education, but there is nothing basic
about American Academy. These enhanced experiences and resources are one of the ways our school is
different. Like other top-ranked schools, we must continue to raise money to fund these on-going
STEAM resources. 
Each year we will ask for contributions to fund our enhanced STEAM resources. Are you still using a flip-
phone? Why not? Probably because there is newer, better technology to replace it. Well, we need to do
the same with our expired technology. No contribution is too small and certainly none is too large, so
please consider what your family can contribute to ensure our children are learning in a state-of-the-art
environment. If you are not interested in participating in one of our PTO sponsored fund-raising events,
you can always donate directly by contacting the AAPTO-LM Board.
How did AAPTO-LM support our community?
Listed below are activities that the PTO provided to support our school community:
Leadership Award Celebrations
School Directory (DOT, Directory on Tap)
Family Fun Events
  • Summer Get Together
  • Back to School Ice Cream Social
  • REBELfest
  • Board & Brush Event
  • Daddy Daughter Dance
  • Mother/Son Event
Teacher/Staff Appreciation
  • Monthly Teacher Appreciation Lunches
  • Coordination of Holiday Giving Fund
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Dinner provided on Conference Nights
  • Supplement Teacher Classroom Budgets
Community Service/Outreach
  • Toy Drive for College View Elementary
  • Veterans Day Breakfast
  • Coordination of Giving Tree for LM Families in Need
  • Food Drive for College View Elementary
  • Uniform Resale
Fundraising Events
  • Fun Run
  • Spring Mixer

Ongoing Fundraising Programs
  • Restaurant Nights
  • Box Tops for Education/Longmont Dairy Caps
  • Mabel's Labels
  • Avalanche Tickets
  • Spirit Gear
  • King Soopers reloadable cards
  • Dennis Scrips