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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Aguilar

Education:  B.S. in Elementary Education, Emphasis in Culturally, Linguistically, and Diverse Education , Western State Colorado University

Special awards:  Nominated for Apple Award in first year!

Home town:  Centennial, Colorado

Hobbies:  Painting, swimming, soccer, walking, reading, movies, bike rides, brunch dates

Family:  Mom & Brother, Pets: Suki, Mishka, and Miko

Volunteering:  Animal Shelters

Classroom wishes: Classroom Rug, Flexible Seating, Chapter Books, Educational Board Games, Magnatiles, Legos, Cubed Bookcase

Coffee/tea: Vanilla Chai, Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, Pumpkin Spice Latter, Coffee with Cream

Snack: Chex Mix, Fruit, Chocolate, Vanilla Yogurt with Granola

Night out restaurant: Sushi Katsu

Lunch restaurant: Freddy’s, Panera, Noodles, Kneaders, Rory’s Diner

Place to shop: Sprouts, Target, Amazon, Lowe’s

Clothing store/style: Maurices, Nordstrom, Target, Old Navy, Kohl’s

Movies (out or in): Theater, it’s my favorite, but love movie nights on the couch

Bookstore: Barnes and Noble or 2nd & Charles

Holiday: New Year

Flower: Pansy, Sunflower, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Mint

Color: Maroon, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Fall Colors, Happy Colors

Silly fact about me: I talk to my plants 😋