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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Riker


B.A. in Elementary Education, Western Colorado University


Special awards

CLD Endorsement


Home town

Denver, Colorado



Baking, Swimming, Soccer, Movies, Reading



Dad (passed away) Mom, Brother, 2 dogs, 1 cat



Animal Shelter


My Favorites

Classroom wishes: Not too sure, to be determined, Ikea cushions/pillows!

Allergies: None

Coffee/tea: Vanilla Chai

Snack: Chex Mix or Gorp (Trail Mix)

Night out restaurant: Sushi Katsu

Lunch restaurant: Panera

Place to shop: Nordstrom or Target

Clothing store/style: Nordstrom or Target

Movies (out or in): Both

Bookstore: Barnes and Noble

Holiday: New Year

Flower: Sunflower

Color: Yellow

Sports team(s): Manchester United

Silly fact about me: I didn't start wearing jeans until middle school! Almost every birthday when I was younger, I got a stuffed animal hippo (My favorite animal).