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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Rusten

Education:  B.M. in Music Performance, University of Denver, M.A. Music Education, University of Denver

Home town:  Aurora, CO

Special awards:  Apple Award Nominee

Hobbies:  Yoga, running, painting/drawing, hiking

Volunteering:  Parker Symphony

Family:  Husband, Son, 4 Italian Greyhounds, Koi fish 

Classroom wishes: Band or orchestra instrument donations (you know, the ones sitting in your closet all these years collecting dust...). Found/recycled objects or noisy craft items for students to re purpose as instrument inventions. This could include: parts of old/broken instruments - including recorders, baby powder formula containers, beans, bells, sticks, small boxes (think tissue or shoe box size), fishing line, beads, junk drawer items, broken toys or small electronics, paper towel rolls, small wood pieces, etc. Please no glass or sharp items. Also, non-candy prize box items.

Allergies: Dairy, Gluten, Grapefruit

Coffee/tea: Almond milk latte or Americano (Iced or Hot) - nothing added

Snack: Dark chocolate (espcially with sea salt) and popcorn

Night out restaurant: Racca's (aka Marcos Coal-fired Pizza), Sushi Kazu

Lunch restaurant: Tokyo Joes, Poke bowl, and Noodles and Company, Mr. Ramen

Place to shop: Amazon

Clothing store/style: Giggle Blossom or Lucky

Movies (out or in): Theater

Bookstore: Barnes and Noble

Holiday: Thanksgiving and Halloween

Flower: Sunflower

Color: Green

Silly fact about me: I love sugar skulls because they remind me everyone has a smile and something beautiful within. I have an addiction to travel.