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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Montgomery

B.F.A in education, University of Northern Colorado

Art: film and digital photography, oil and acrylic painting, drawing, exploring nature/road-trips, visit museums, watch movies!
My mom and two aunts, two cousins and cat
My Favorites
Classroom wishes: Sharpies, sponges, ornaments, canvas boards, paint brushes, paint palettes, tissue paper, feathers, pipe cleaners, found and recyclable objects, art paste, felt
Allergies: Vegetarian/vegan 
Coffee/tea: Iced chai with oat/coconut milk
Snack: white cheddar popcorn, salted seaweed
Night out restaurant: Olive garden
Lunch restaurant: Italian
Place to shop: Amazon 
Clothing store/style: Princess polly
Movies (out or in): Twilight breaking dawn pt 2 when the rivaled the fight scene was a vision, or Endgame when Cap picked up Miljnor and everyone came through the portals 
Bookstore: Barnes and nobles 
Holiday: Christmas/Halloween
Flower: Carnations 
Color: Greens: forest, mint, phthalo, light, dark
Silly fact about me: I like to do different accents