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Lincoln Meadows

About Ms. Montgomery

Education:  B.S. in art, University or Northern Colorado

Home town:  Mayfield, Ohio

Hobbies:  photography, painting

Family:  cat named Chase

Volunteering:  Peace Core, Key Club
Classroom wishes: stuffing, cotton balls, markers, tape, construction paper, scrapbook paper, beads, yarn, cups, magnet tiles, popsicle sticks, googly eyes

Allergies: Vegetarian

Coffee/tea: chai tea with oat milk

Snack: white cheddar popcorn 

Night out restaurant: Olive Garden

Lunch restaurant: Noodles and Company

Place to shop: Target

Clothing store/style: H&M

Movies (out or in): theater

Bookstore: Barnes and Nobles

Holiday: Halloween 

Flower: carnations 

Color: all except greenish yellows

Sports team(s): Browns

Silly fact about me: I like to do different accents