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Lincoln Meadows


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If you have any questions/comments/concerns regarding volunteering, please email [email protected] and someone will get back to you shortly.

Lunch/Recess/Carpool Volunteer Information:


Thank you for considering volunteering at lunch, recess and carpool! These are some of our biggest needs at the school.


We would love to have your help at morning/afternoon carpool or lunch/recess!  Our families are always welcome! 


Please email the front office at [email protected] or just stop in!  We will put you to work.  😊  (Please leave younger siblings at home, thank you!) 


AM carpool: 7:25am - 8:10am

PM carpool: 3:15pm - 4:05pm 

Lunches/recesses: 10:45am - 2:00pm



Brush up on volunteer expectations.

All American Academy parent volunteers must abide by the rules and the authority of the school leadership and its representatives, including teachers, instructional assistants and carpool attendants. Each volunteer must read the Visitor and Volunteer Policy, and have a Volunteer Acknowledgement and Agreement Form on file in the front office before volunteering.
Pick an opportunity, sign up (if requested), and show up.
It's that easy. Bring your driver's license if it's your first time volunteering -- we just need to check you into our system. This page lists just a few of the different volunteer opportunities that are available at the school on a daily basis. Check out the regular sign-ups (in the box above) or one of the committee opportunities listed below. Your room parent and/or teacher may also publish volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

    • Volunteer on or with the PTO: attend one of the monthly PTO meetings or read the AAPTO-MB news page to find out what's going on and how you can help.

    • SAC: If you would like to learn more about the inner workings at American Academy, feel free to attend an SAC meeting! The PTO and SAC meeting dates are posted on the SAC meetings web page during the school year.
To log hours, volunteers will stop by the front desk at your campus. You will CHECK-IN and CHECK-OUT for each volunteer shift/opportunity to have your hours recorded. Please have your family number handy, and give it to anyone who is volunteering under your family number. This way hours can be tracked appropriately.
NEW TRACKING SYSTEM IN PLACE: You will now track volunteer hours by stopping by the front office of your campus to CHECK-IN and CHECK-OUT each time you volunteer, or log any at-home / away from school hours here:
We ask that every American Academy family complete 40 hours of volunteer time during each school year.

    • Logged volunteer hours must be in service to American Academy (in the classroom, PTO, PAB, SAC, recess, carpool, library, etc.), not an outside organization, even if it’s a really good one, even if it meets at the school or is made up entirely of American Academy students. For example, volunteering to help TGA Tennis teach American Academy students in the gym doesn’t count; volunteering to run a Girl or Boy Scout troop at the school doesn't count.

    • Volunteers may only log hours for actual time spent, NOT in exchange for dollar value of items purchased. We can't award credit for volunteer time based on monetary donations. But time spent acquiring donated items or gift cards absolutely counts. For example, time to drive to the store to purchase items for a school event counts; the amount of money spent at the store doesn't count.