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Lincoln Meadows


Yellow background with blue and red lettering saying AAPTO-LM.       Blue background and a red cartoon car saying Carpool.
Blue background with WatchDogs logo and the words Watch DOGS.       Blue background with a lunch tray and food saying Lunch.
Blue background with red curtains saying Performing Arts.       Blue background with a slide and kids playing saying Recess.
blue background with Athletics and Rebel logo       Blue background with a stack of books saying Library.Yellow background with a cartoon lighbult saying Submit a volunteer idea here.
If you have any questions/comments/concerns regarding volunteering, please email [email protected] and someone will get back to you shortly.
Brush up on volunteer expectations.

All American Academy parent volunteers must abide by the rules and the authority of the school leadership and its representatives, including teachers, instructional assistants and carpool attendants. Each volunteer must read the Visitor and Volunteer Policy, and Expectations List that will show up on the final page of the registration. This info is important and calls out a few important aspects of the policy, so please read through carefully. You can access those expectations HERE
Creating your account is quick and easy, and a one-time task: Please take a few minutes to set up an account by clicking HERE
Once you have created your account, you can record and track your hours by logging into our Volunteer Portal from any device. There is currently not a Mobile App, so be sure to bookmark the page to make it quick and easy to access.
*If you are a frequent volunteer in one area (WatchDOGS, Coaching, etc.), you may choose to log all of your hours in a single entry on a monthly basis, rather than daily.
    • Volunteers may only log hours for actual time spent, NOT in exchange for dollar value of items purchased. We can't award credit for volunteer time based on monetary donations. But time spent acquiring donated items or gift cards absolutely counts. For example, time to drive to the store to purchase items for a school event counts; the amount of money spent at the store doesn't count.

    • Logged volunteer hours must be in service to American Academy (in the classroom, PTO, recess, carpool, library, etc.), not an outside organization, even if it’s a really good one, even if it meets at the school or is made up entirely of American Academy students. For example, volunteering to help TGA Tennis teach American Academy students in the gym doesn’t count; volunteering to run a Girl or Boy Scout troop at the school doesn't count.