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Rhythm Week!

This week is Rhythm Week in the music department at Lincoln Meadows.  Students are learning note and rest values and how to read notation.  We are using a variety of skills and instruments like drums, rhythm sticks, egg shakers, and of course clapping and singing.  Students are exploring world cultures through the different types of drums and percussion instruments that are used for dancing and celebrations.  
I encourage you to turn the radio on and dance!

Specials Teachers invite parents to come to all specials classrooms with their students for a few minutes in each content area.  If you have a conference already scheduled with a classroom teacher at which your student is not required, please feel free to send your student ahead to us, to prepare for your arrival.  Once you finish your grade level conference (or before, if you wish) your student will lead you through the classroom and give you a brief glimpse into their time in specials.  Afterward, please feel free to ask specific questions of the instructor as well.

Congrats to Ms Lambert's 4th grade class, the winners of rhythm week!  Recording is posted below. 
We are in full swing here in the music department at Lincoln Meadows.  As winter approaches, I encourage you to keep lips and hands protected from the elements.  We use both quite a bit for manipulating instruments, and there is nothing quite so painful as playing a drum or ukulele with cracking or splitting skin on your hands.
If your student is 3rd grade and up, make sure you have a recorder for them.  During our next rotation we will be learning about pitch, and the recorders play a strong part of the curriculum from that point on.
Congratulations to Ms. Harrison's Kindergarten class for wining this weeks Rhythm Recording competition!  Please enjoy the file below, but turn your speakers down first :).